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Steamboat places are all over Malaysia. Even though the weather in Malaysia can melt a Popsicle that just took out from the freezer in a second, I realised that a lot of Malaysian still love steamboat.
I have written some reviews about Japanese steamboat buffet, now I am going to write something a little different, which is Chinese steamboat (sadly, not buffet).

The steamboat restaurant is decorated in a very high class glass house.
If you didn't know, they have actually moved from ss4 to ss6.
I have paid a visit when they're still at ss4 and I really love it.

I was so sad when they are no longer at ss4, as I thought that they have closed down.
But then just few months ago, when I was driving around Kelana Jaya, I found it !
I did not know that they have moved to a bigger place, and it really shows that they have grown their business with their amazing service.

Crowded ! ! 
Fortunately, we did not wait long until our turn.
I believe that it is extra crowded on weekends, so make sure you book an appointment if you do not want to wait. :)

Now, let's see what they have in their menu ! :D

(click on the picture and zoom it in to have a close look :)

As you can see in the menu, they have variety of food for you to choose, from veges, mushrooms, slice meat, noodle, bean curd, seafood, meatballs and even innards ! 

A must order ingredients over there is definitely their homemade meatball.
It is their special and they taste REALLY good. 
You can choose from a variety of range, such as Beef Ball (Rm9.50), Golden Egg Pork Ball(Rm9.50), Mushroom Pork Ball (Rm8.50), Squid Ball (Rm9.50) and more ! 

Unlike Japanese buffet, every plate of slice meat/ ingredients count. 
It is rational to order some noodles so that you won't get hungry easily. 
Also, noodles are definitely cheaper than slice meat. If you do not want to get shocked when the bill arrive, make sure you don't over order ;)

Looks like we have already put our ingredients in the soup huh?
I am really happy when they still give some of the ingredients that are used to cook in the soup.
We ordered half pot of Herbal Black Chicken & Red Dates Soup (Rm13.00) and half pot of Tom Yam Soup (Rm10.50) which you guys should definitely try! 

Look at the black chicken that I found in the soup ! 
They really put black chicken in the Herbal soup and the red dates are still very sweet to be eaten <3
You can also find like tomatoes and some small prawns in the tom yam soup, which is awesome.

After sharing it, are you guys hungry now?
I am hungry though. I love their soup so much that I keep refill it and kind of neglected the food <3 

BEST part of the steamboat?

Of course their homemade meatball and the Herbal soup.
I will definitely order them again in my next visit <3 
Slice meat is a little pricy, but really fresh :)

So that's all the this post.
For more info, please click here :)

Thanks for reading !


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