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Canmake is one of my favorite Japanese brand because of its natural makeup and cute packaging.
You might wonder, how did I know Canmake when they didn't even have their store yet?
True enough, if not my friend, I won't be able to know this brand.

Things happen back in 2015, when I first attended Canmake event at KLCC.
It is also that time when I fall in love with their products.
Then only I realized that they are actually available in Sasa, which I always miss out. 
Btw, I also did a vlog on that event ! It's my first ever vlog, so yea please be kind ya 😆

Now, Canmake finally has their own store, which is at DaMen Mall! 

Congratulations !

I have a lot of fun that day because I received a full size of Canmake product, as well as a goodie bag that full of products ! <3 You tell me, how can I not love them?

The event was started at 2pm and I reached the place at around 1.40pm.
Guess what? There is a lot of people lining up and I am one of the few that is kia-su one 😂
This is because Canmake was giving away a goodie bag for the first 100 people who visit their new store!

Actually I did not plan to write anything about the event, so I did not take any picture of the store, or the queue. This post was actually meant for the Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge Review. But it seems like I am going on the way of my event story. LOL.

Also, I am super happy to be able to meet ChanWon again in the event.
And I finally got a picture with her! 😍
She's so nice and friendly in person.

Oh well, I shall stop the story here cause I actually did not do much there, except trying their new products and chatting with people. Actually is I don't know what else to write d HAHA
I will be writing my review on the Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge on my next post cause I believe that people are more interested in the review and not my long grandma story 😆
If you guys are interested in the product, please have a little patience and stay tuned ya 😊

So that's all for this post and I will see you guys soon ~

Ps. It's fun writing this kind of short and chill post though. Bye! 😄


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