Updated Everyday Makeup Routine 2017 | No-Makeup Makeup

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My daily makeup routine is super easy. 
I only use 5 products to achieve my everyday look because I did not want to have too much things on my face 
(Are 5 products consider as too much?)

I try to spend as little time as I can on makeup everyday because sleep is still very important to me :P
So, after applying skincare and sunblock on my face. 
Here starts my makeup routine :)

This is my bare face.
I know that you guys might have already seen it in my previous blog, where I showed you guys My Current

My first step is to apply my favorite concealer <3 
This is a super important step because it helps to conceal all my imperfections.

This Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer is in shade 2.
It is the perfect shade for my skin, which I can wear it alone, without any cushion.
Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I will just apply this and skip the cushion part.
The coverage is pretty good. I can see the difference before applying it and after.

This is me after applying my concealer.
I applied some concealer under my eyes, and pimples.
It is obvious that my dark circles are lighter, and pimples are covered if you compared with the first picture :)

This is my all time trusty Missha Magic Cushion x Line Edition in Shade 23.

I have mentioned it before in one of my Favourite post and it shows how much I love this.
This is my first cushion and I bought it on sales which is awesome !

The price for this cushion is totally affordable and if you like semi dewy look with some coverage, you can try this. I feel that this is kind of underrated though. 

Omg, can you guys see the difference ?
My skin is brighter now after applying the cushion! 
The shade is not too fair and I feel that it looks really good on me.

This is totally optional because like what I have said in my first step. 
I sometimes skip this if I am in a hurry :P
Okay, now let's fill the brows :D

I use this Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Shade 5.

The texture of this eyebrow pencil is very creamy. It is easy to use and blend.
The shade that I am using is the Espresso brown, and I remember when I first bought it, they have only like  4 colors. But don't worry if you want a lighter shade due to your hair color, because they have 7 different color for you to choose now :) 

Fill up the gap between your eyebrows by outlining it. Then blend them well using the comb to have a nice and perfect brows <3 Even though I dyed my hair, my fringe and half of my hair are still in dark brown, so I did not use any eyebrow mascara or eyebrows pencil that's with lighter shade.

Now it's time to set them all :)

My all time favourite Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder.
I really love Innisfree products because all of their products are super affordable and nice.
This has helped me to control and absorb any excess oil that is on my skin, especially in summer.
This is also one of the steps that I cant miss to make sure that my skin is always smooth and non-sticky.

This is the Canmake Matte and Crystal Cheek in Shade 02 Fantasy Pink.
It is a product from Japan and you can get it from Sasa Malaysia.

It comes with this small tiny brush which is really soft and nice. 
If you are a makeup beginner looking for an affordable blusher, you can consider this because you do not have to spend extra money to get a new brush for your cheeks ! :)

My last step of makeup routine is lipstick.
This is the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Shade 171.

I really love this because it is creamy and smooth. It is moisturizing but not too oily which I really love. It does not dry up my lips and I am not a person who is very fan of matte lipstick because it always make my lips crack. This shade of pink is really natural, which is suitable for an everyday look :)

Look ! Chio or not :P

And tada ~ We are done :D
Super easy right my everyday look ?
I wonder whether you guys can see the differences *hmm*
I feel that it's more like the "No makeup makeup".
What do you guys think ? :)

Now let me show you guys the before and after picture that I have taken using my phone.


- Dark circle
- Uneven skin tone
- Visible acne
- Dull


- Even and brighter kin tone
- Looks healthier
- Acnes gone

Watch the video if you are lazy to read :D

So that's all for this post. Hope you guys enjoy reading as always.
Bye :)


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