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SWOT week.
It's all about studying. 

Studying might not be the most entertaining thing to do, but that is what I should be doing now.
And I believe that it is much more better than working.

Finals is coming in less than 1 week and I must say that my examination timetable is pretty good.
At least I don't have to attend 2 papers back to back in a day.
I have friend who is in that kind of situation and I hope that she's coping her studies well.

Things have never been easy. 
We face different kind of challenges everyday.

It's just a progress.
A challenge that is given to make us stronger.

We, as a student always procrastinate in SWOT week because we feel that we have a lot of time to study. Okay, maybe I should not say we, but me myself ~ LOL

So to avoid that case, I plan my timetable ahead ! Like what to study for today, what to study for the other day ~ To be honest, it actually works though.

 I become more hard working and semangat because I set a goal for myself.
And what I have to do is just follow the plan and chase my dream ~

 I set my own rules like I have to finish a specific chapters in the day.
And if I didn't finish the part that I am supposed to do, I DON'T SLEEP !
Hahaha, so in order to get enough of sleep, I have to study accordingly.

It sounds hardcore though.
Actually it does and it works !

This is the best way to force someone like me to study and like to procrastinate.
And of course, you must have a stern determination ! Or not, nothing can be done.

I found out that why people don't like to study is because they don't understand the topic.
That's why people don't like to study. Okay, it's me, not everyone is the same ~

I found that I am interested in some of the units because I understand what the lecturer/tutor is saying. When it comes to a topic that I don't understand, I got space out super easily and it's really frustrating.

So to solve this question, having a consistent revision every week is the key!
I know it's really boring and sien, but trust me, you won't regret when it comes to final :)
When you have done it consistently for the past few weeks, the revised part will come into your brain naturally and you will no longer have to struggle.

To conclude this post, I must say that paying attention in class and understand what you have learnt and have a study plan play important part.

I am not the 4 straight kind of student, in fact I am very far from achieving it.
But I believe that if you study hard, even the result is not that great, at least you did your best. That is what you can say to yourself without any regret and guilt.

Ps, I just done my first paper and I am dead now :*

Thanks for reading !


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  1. All the best in your studies! Good luck in your next exam, you can do it! 💪🏼

    yanrula x

    1. Hi YanRu, thanks! I didn't know that you checked out my blog xD
      Looking forward to more of your reviews. Keep the good work up ! :)