Sukishi Shabu-Shabu Buffet @ Starling Mall

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Who loves buffet just like me ? <3

I love buffet, regardless it's a barbecue buffet or shabu shabu buffet.
As long as I can eat as much as I can, I am happy enough.
Even though I regret after that for eating too much. :D

There is more and more Shabu shabu buffet coming out and it is pretty hard to decide which one is the best and which one to go to.

Remember  I wrote a review about Shabu Ten?
Now I feel that Shabu Ten is not that bad, as it provides more choices compared to Sukshi and their prices are almost the same. The price for Sukishi is Rm39.90 exclusive gst and service charge
 (Aren't gst mean goods and service charge? *rolled eyes*)

But what I really like about Sukishi is that their meat is really fresh !
We can't stop ordering it and I think the waitress is a bit frustrated as we keep calling them xD

They have 4 types of soup base, including shabu shabu (sesame based sauce), sukiyaki (salty sweet flavor), miso and kimuchi (spicy). This is also one of the pro in Sukishi, as you get to choose various of soup base, from sweet, to savory and spicy. 

Ps. They open 2 pots for you if you come with more than 5 people. So if you have only 2-3 people, they might give you small table, which can only fit 1 pot (2 soup base).

My favorite part. <3 
They have all 4 meat slices, which is chicken, pork, lamb and beef.

 This is their beef slices and it's really good. The meat is really fresh and if you look at the meat, you well realize that they really give you meat ! When I say meat, it means it's not full tendon. I have eaten some of the beef slices which is full of tendon and it's really hard to chew.

To enhance the taste of your meat slice, they even prepare various of sauces for you to dip you meat in ! They have sesame dressing, wafu dressing and even pasteurized egg as dipping sauce ! 

This is the Sukishi special homemade sauce, which is the spicy miso sauce. 
It taste pretty good leh !

Like what the other Shabu Shabu restaurant have, if you get too much of meat slice, and want something new, you can get other ingredients, such as vegetables, seafood, mushroom and tofu at the food counter. 

You can find more  than 20 types of different ingredients, including small clams, yam, mushroom, king oyster mushroom, carrot, pumpkin, tomatoes, corn, sausages, seafood cheese tofu, udon, tofu, fish ball meat ball and others you can see in the picture.

Some of the sushi that are available. All are really simple and full of rice. The inner kia-su-ness of us did not take much of sushi because we don't want to get full so easily by the amount of rice xD

This are some of the meat slices we have eaten that night ! 
There is nearly 15 plates of them and we are super satisfied with the meat. <3

Last but not least, there is always space for dessert <3.

 We have matcha ice cream as the ending of the feast and it's not that bad. I mean compared to their chocolate ice cream, it is consider as not bad. Don't expect too much if you have a very picky taste on matcha and chocolate. I love both, but they are not the best.

Oh, they also have a few toppings, which I forgot to take picture of.
You can choose any toppings that you like, from cornflakes, crushed peanuts and chocolate chips on your ice cream. :)  

Photo taken from Sukishi Facebook.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the quality of the food. 
Even though the service is a bit bad, it is understandable, as there is so many customers there and 
you  can't expect them to only serve you. 

So that's all for the day.
Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead :)


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