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It has been 2 months plus since I dyed my hair. 
To be honest, I did not expect that the outcome to be so good. 
I have received so many people complementing my hair and I am really happy to hear that.

It is one of the best decisions that I have made so far and I have no regret bleaching it ;D 
Also, I can finally tick off this from my wishlist <3 

I have been taking a lot of hair photos since I dyed my hair and the hair stylist told me that it is going to last me for around 3 weeks, depend how I take care of it. 
True enough, it lasted me around 3 weeks for the purple color to fade into a lighter violet, which I ABSOLUTELY love it ! 

I always wanted a pink hair, maybe like Xiaxue that kind of hair ? Hahah 
Nah Just kidding, but I did consider of that kind of pink.
My actual plan was to go with a dark pink but after consulting with the hair stylist, I decided to go with purple because this is my first time coloring my hair (besides brown) and she sacred that I will not get used to the huge color change. Maybe she is scared that I will go and complain if I can't accept the pink turned out to be too obvious and exaggerating xD 


So, this is the hair stylist that I have mentioned above.
Don't you think that her hair color is on point as well?! <3

This is the photo that I have taken after she blew dry my hair and before the curl.
The color looks so lovable here <3 

Tada ~

This is how my hair looks like under the sunlight.
I was damn shocked when my sister showed me the outcome.
I was like does my hair look like this under the sunlight?
It's like a magic transformation. Just a few minutes before I took this shot, my hair still look like dark purple. But the moment my hair exposed to the sunlight, things changed ! <3 

So, I decided to prank my friend by posting this picture in my social media.
They are all super surprised at my decision and thought that I really dyed my hair pink xD
Happy April Fool :P

BTW, this is the kind of pink that I want at the first place ? <3

This is my hair after my first wash. 
Color is still very vivid and I decided to curl it.
But I feel that I have failed curling it into a nicely waved hair like what the hair stylist did. 0.0


When my hair is straight and under the sunlight.
It looks really good as well without the curl.
I actually dyed my hair brown for the upper part, so that it can match nicely with the purple.
I really love how she made my hair into a beautiful purple ombre.


This photo was taken on my birthday.
The purple color did not show out much here because it was taken indoor.


Omg Omg Omg Look at the color <3 
After a few hair wash, the color turned into a more obvious color.
It definitely looks like pink here and this is totally what I want ! 

I am always excited when I am out to take photos of my hair <3 
Why is the color so nice ?


When there is no sunlight.
My hair looks a bit dull here. In fact, the color is still very vivid.


Photo taken when I was in Singapore.
 If you want to know where I have gone, feel free to check here :)
So, this was taken indoor and my hair color is still quite noticeable and obvious.


Exactly after a month !
My hair still look really nice in the picture <3
I did not expect that the color is still there, even though it is no longer purple.
I though that my hair will faded into pastel color after a month.
Surprise. Surprise.


Hair started to become frizzy and dry as expected.
Thus, it is really important to put conditioner and mask for you hair.
They need nutrient to be strong and healthy :)

But my hair was smooth and silky for the past month, after I did the treatment !
Wow, the treatment actually lasted for so long <3 


Curled my hair to attend Kei's 21st birthday.
Photo is taken indoor and the color still looking pretty good <3
Ps. I curled my hair. Not bad right? :P


Took a selfie in the car because why not ? 

(Under the shades)


My hair <3 
I still can't get enough of my hair :D
It has been almost 2 months, and I still love it.


As you can see in the picture, the color has faded a lot more.
It is no longer purple or pink. I think it looks more like orangy red 
*hmm.. what do you think?*


Color has faded a lot, and I miss my pink purple hair <3 


My hair still look almost like this or maybe lighter after 2 months.

So I think here comes to the end of my hair journey.
I hope you guys enjoy reading it and a huge thank to The Hare Salon for doing such a great job :D 
Ps. this is not sponsored. LOL.

Thank for reading ! :)


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