My Current Favorite Sheet Mask 2017 | Mamonde Mask Sheet

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Finally !! I am back with another blog :)
 I have done with my finals and I can finally sit on my chair and blog without any guilt!
So, today I am going to share about my current favorite mask.

And the award goes to....

Mamonde Sheet Mask !
It is my current love and I will tell you why. 

My previous love was Innisfree and Nature Republic sheet mask because they are very affordable and moisturizing. (FYI, I still love them <3)

Recently, I tried the Momonde Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating, and I love it.
I normally use sheet mask during the night before I sleep and I am really surprised with the outcome after using the mask.. It has changed my dull skin to hydration glow the next day.

As you guys might know from my last post, I was having my finals and I have a lot of breakouts due to lack of sleep and stress. And today, I am going to use this Mamonde Rose Hydrating :)

I am not sure whether you can see from the packaging, there is still some leftover essence in the packet. It shows that they have given a really generous amount of essence in it to prevent the mask for drying out too fast. 

The mask has a really decent smell and the texture is in lotion form.
Even though it is more sticky compared to the other mask, I must say that it is really moisturizing, which is the reason why I love it so much. If you don't like sticky feeling on your skin, sadly to say that this mask might not your thing. :(

All the sheet mask are extracted from the essence of the flowers, which make them smell flowery good. I am not a big fan of too flowery scent but the scent in Mamonde mask sheet is really pleasant and not too strong. *Look how enjoy I am with my mask ^.^*

The mask sheet fits my face perfectly but my sister has a smaller face so it's pretty hard for her to find the perfect mask sheet for her face as most of the mask sheet are in standard size.

This Mamonde Rose Moisturizing has made my skin so soft and bouncy.
I can feel that my face is now fully hydrated ! 

Despite the stressful life I had faced from the past few weeks, I should not neglect my skin.
This mask has helped to revived my skin and I can feel that my skin is no longer dry and dead.
*Even though the 3 pimples are quite eye catching and distracting xD*

Let's check the before and after !

- Dark
- Dry
-Visible eyebags
-sad face :(

After 20 minutes ~ <3

- Moisturized 
- Glow
- Happy face :D

I even feel that my pimples are not that obvious d ! Hahaha

Mask sheet is so far the best invention for skincare. It lights up our skin within a few minutes.
Like every other mask sheet, it is really easy to use. Tone your clean face before putting the mask.
Pull it out and leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes. 
Lastly, massage your face and pat it to have better absorption. 

Ps. Do not leave it overnight! 
A lot of people doesn't know that it is not good to leave the mask sheet overnight, unless it's sleeping mask. Your skin can only absorb that much and the dry mask might absorb the moisture back from your skin if you leave it too long. 

So that's all for today, I should go and sleep now :)
Thanks for reading <3


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