A Short Getaway: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

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Hello bunnies, today I am going to share about this short vacation that I have gone with my family recently. <3

 I went to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson for a small getaway from my studies.
Yup, I went to Port Dickson in the mid of my final :P #yolo
The place is really awesome and it's the best when I got to travel with my family.
A total of 6 families were reunited in Port Dickson and you tell me what is better than having quality time with your loves one?

Let's start off the post with the first photo that I have taken with my siblings and cousin at Lexis Hibiscus :D

There is buggy service to bring you and your luggage from the lobby to your villa. If you wish to go around the resort, you can always call the operator using the phone that is in your room to ask them to pick you up. Oh and the service is available 24 hours, which is totally great! 

All the villas are painted in mint blue and white, which look really pretty <3 
Every corner can be your photo taking area. Just like this photo that I have taken when my sister walked pass.

Now, let's have a look at the villa that I have stayed.

The pool is really pretty but it's kind of impossible for us to swim.
However, it is more than enough for us to "play" in the water.

There is chairs and table at the side for us to chill. 
For our safety purposes, they even provide float in case of emergency.

There is also a sauna next to the pool.
It is really great that we can have our own personal sauna area after a nice "swim".

Unfortunately, there is no fish in sight.
 When I first saw this in the photo online, I have no expectation at all because it is kind 
of impossible to have a clean and clear sea in Malaysia. Yeap
Like what I have thought, the sea is really dirty.
This is Malaysia ~ What do you expect?

You can literally just bring your clothes here because everything is well prepared for you.
All the toiletries that you can think of are all prepared and guess what ! Their hair shampoo actually smells pretty good. :P

There is also phone available in the toilet, and if you are stuck in the toilet and need some toilet paper, you can always call them for the service. Oh well, or not I don't know why they put the phone in the toilet. Or maybe you can chat with the operator in the middle of your "business"? :P

There is no bath tub for the Executive Pool Villa that we are staying, but if you want a bath tub, you can always get a more expensive villa, with bigger swimming pool and bath tub. Of course, the price will be higher.

You can even find towels, bath robes, hangers, iron, ironing board, umbrellas, slippers, 
and weighting machine provided in the wardrobe. 
There is even a lock box in the wardrobe for you to keep your belongings. 
Of course, don't forget to take them out when you are leaving ;)

We have 2 comfy King size bed in our villa and it is definitely one of the best thing besides the pool.

We also have an Internet TV just in front of the 2 beds. We got to chill in the bed and have a decent movie night. 
We even played the music while we were chilling in the pool ! 

Snacks and drinks are complimentary. So feel free to grab some of them.
(Or maybe ALL?) :D

Now, we are done with the room tour, let's see what we can do in the resort!
There are plenty of services and facilities available and some of them are free of charge !

You can rent a bicycle to get around the resort but you have to pay Rm10 for 10minutes ride and Rm100 as deposit. That is the cheapest recreational activities you can do. 
To know more details about the activities, you can check their website HERE.

I know that the resort itself already cost you some money.
So what can you do if you do not want to spend extra money on the activities?

They have play ground and 2 public swimming pools for kid and adult to enjoy. While the
benefit of swimming in the public is that you get to enjoy the views that you can't get in your own villa.

Besides using their facilities, if you like to take photos like me, you can always walk around the resort to take instworthy photos. 
The resort is so pretty and I feel that every place/ corner is worth taking photos.
 (I think I stated this somewhere in my post :P) So what are you waiting for? 
It is time for you to practice your poses in front of the mirror if you planned to visit Lexis Hibiscus ;D

The photo taken above is actually taken "un-intentionally". I was hiding underneath the leaves from the sun and suddenly my sister took out the phone and snap this picture. Of course, this is not candid because the moment my sister took out the phone, we are kind of linked and I immediately smiled and look at the side xD 
Pretty good right ?

This is totally candid when I was vlog-ing.
Yup, stay tuned for my vlog guys ! <3 

If you are so sick of walking under the sun and done walking around the resort, it's time to dip in the pool ! We are staying in the Executive Pool Villa, where the pool is a little small for us to swim. But it is still beautiful enough to take photos and to cool down our body heat <3 

Hai hai, I know it is a bit shock that I will wear bikini.
All the aunties were like judging and my cousins are a bit surprised that I am wearing it as well.
But luckily we separated the villas into categories, like ladies are in this room, aunties  and guys are in other rooms. Or not I will be damn shy la :P

All thanks to my beloved sister, who helped me to take so many nice photos <3 
Without saying anything, she always know what I want. 
Super love the view and photos that she has taken.

Please forgive me for posting so many photos because I can't really decide which to post <3 

Photos taken with my sister and cousin.
We all brought our bikini without any plan or communication ahead.
We all knew so well that the place is great for photo purposes.

Last but not least, photo with mummy <3

The sunset is amazing <3 
We had a really amazing night, chit chatting with each other and chill :D

The next day

We have our breakfast at Umi Japanese Restaurant and I was like wow, are we going to have Japanese food as breakfast? I was so happy when we are going in because my favorite cuisine is Japanese food. 

When I stepped in the restaurant, there is no sushi or Japanese food can been found. I was so disappointed and little did I know that they only open in the noon and night. 

Into a more western style of breakfast ? 
Have some croissants and bread. 
I did not get to try any of them because they don't really look appetizing :/

They also provide vegetarian food for those who are vegan.
This is really kind and thoughtful. :)

The breakfast for that day was really bad.
I actually expect more choices of food but what they have are only nasi lemak.
Only rendang and curry chicken are available. Where is my fried chicken and noodles?

Juice is pretty good. At least my mango juice doesn't taste artificial.
My cousin even compliment their pink guava juice.

Yogurt and fruits are served as well.


I have some biscuits and Mocha after my nasi lemak.
Coffee is okay but biscuit is a disappointment.
I has really no hope on their food.

If you want to have a better dining experience, you can always PAY MORE
 as they have a lot of Bars and Lounge around the resort. 

After breakfast, I went to Hibiscus Walk to digest what I have eaten in the morning.
I actually wanted to visit the walk last night because I heard that it's pretty happening at night. 
All the Bars and Lounge are opened and customers get to enjoy the sea views and breeze sea wind with their beer. 
LOL, it's not like I am alcoholic. I am just stating it for you guys to know :P

Last photos that I have taken :)

The Lexis Hibiscus has a stellar collection of 639 pool villas,including 117 tower rooms and 552 sea water villas. Every villas are amazingly spacious and design in a high luxury way, which explain the price of it.

I feel pretty sad when it's time to say goodbye to everyone.
I wish that the vacation can be a little longer so that I can have more time with them <3
In fact, Port Dickson can be a really worth and relax place for family to visit.

Oh well, until next time then :)


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