What to eat in Melbourne | Part 2 | Desserts and Coffee

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I feel that my first post will be too lengthy, if I write all the things over there.
So I made it into 2 parts and this is the other half ! 

Hope it helps those who are traveling to Melbourne and don't know what/where to eat :D 
Enjoy ~


1. Pidapipo

One of the best gelato in the city ! 
They have a lot of unique flavors but their Nutella Swirl is the best seller <3 

2. Messina Gelato

Another great gelato place that you definitely won't want to miss out. 
Should try their SPECIALS when you can't decide what to get :)

3.  N2 Extreme Gelato

Another gelato love <3 Love their Earl Grey Heaven so much ! 
N2 changes their menu monthly, so make sure you check their menu everytime you go there.

4. Gelateria Primavera

Their hazelnut gelato is the best ! 
We literally eat gelato everytime we go to city, even during winter.

5. Zero Grandi

Love Love <3 This is too good and extra love for this, 
where you get to customize your own gelato, from corn, to flavor to toppings <3 

6. Cupcake Central

Haven't gotten your breakfast ?
Head to Melbourne Central to have you cupcake ! <3 This is really good.

7. Lune Croissants & Coffee

Best croissant in Melbourne, that you have to wake up early to get it.
The line is crazily long and if you haven't seen, click here to know more.

8. Axil Coffee Roasters

Besides their brunch, I love their pancake and waffle even more.
This are heavenly good.. <3 Click here to know more.

9. Brunetti

Get the most delicious cake in Melbourne ! They serve variety of them but
unfortunately, I only tried their hot chocolate that time.

Coffee/ Drinks

1. Little Rouge Cafe 

Best green tea matcha I have drink ever <3

2. Market Lane Coffee 

Nearly forget to snap a picture of this after having a few sips. Lol
Order their Magic Coffee to have double ristretto, which is highly recommended by my friend <3 

3. Seven Seeds

Finding good coffee beans and coffee ? You won't want to miss this place.
 I heard that a lot of cafes get their coffee bean here <3 

4. Brother Baba Budan         

One of the best coffee hangout place in Melbourne.
Enjoy the coffee and environment over there. Ps, Soy Latte is good <3 

5. Jasper Coffee 

If you are tired shopping in Chadstone, you can come here and get your favorite coffee from your favorite bean ! Click here to read more. 

6. Max Brenner Chocolate   

Delicious chocolate drink, where you get to choose from 3 kind of chocolate (white, milk and dark) for your drink <3 Pretty awesome right ? 

7. Lindt Chocolate Cafe   

Strong chocolate flavour milkshare, but not too sweet !

And it has came to the end of What to eat in Melbourne.
All this are based on my own taste and preference and food that I really like.
Hope all this recommendations get to help a little ;)

Thanks for reading.


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