What to eat in Melbourne | part 1 | Brunch | Chinese Cuisine

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Melbourne is a food heaven !
There is so many good food in the city and everyday is a food hunting day.
If you ask me what I miss the most in Melbourne, it must be the food <3

There is so many choices of food and cuisine to choose, besides Western and brunch.
Even though I have eaten so much there, I still have a list of cafe and food list to go on.
Indeed, I never regret eating so much <3 and I even wish that I can visit the place again in the future.

Western Food

1. Universal

Nice food with huge portion and reasonable price ! 

2. Operator 25

One of the top brunch restaurant in Melbourne. They serve really nice food and drink.

3. Top Paddock

Hot cake and Soft-shell Crab Burger is the best ! <3 

4. Hardware Society

Salmon and Pork belly are what we ordered and both of the dishes are really good!

5. Rambo's Kebab

A really tasty and sinful kebab. Look at that big portion of meat and fries ! 
Love their chicken and lamb meat pack the most. Friends and I always order this when we are lazy cooking because it's just a few street down our place. <3

6. 400 Gradi

Their Margherita was awarded 'best pizza in the world. Judge it yourself ;)

7. Manchester Press

Generous Salmon on freshly baked bagel. If you love bagel and pretzel, this is a place that you won't want to miss. Click here to read more. 

8. Axil Coffee

One of my favorite brunch place that I have gone a few times. Tried almost all their food and all of them are equally good <3 Click here to read more.

9. White Mojo

Food are pretty and delicious. Really love how they present their food, which is really appetizing !

 10. Higher Ground

A really popular brunch place in Melbourne.

11. Dead Man Espresso

Nice brunch and coffee place <3 
Should try their Seafood Scramble and The Reuben !

Japanese Food

1. Koji Sushi

One of the cheapest sushi I can get in Melbourne !
Friends and I order their sushi roll once a week, or even more often <3 

2. Hakata Gensuke

A strong broth ramen, where you get to customized your own bowl of noodle. 
Recommend it to everyone who loves Japanese ramen <3 

3. Sushi Hotaru

Another cheap sushi place where you get to enjoy a plate of sushi for only $3! <3

4. Yokozuna Ramen

Tasty ramen restaurant that friends and I have gone more than once !
Should definitely try this and their green tea ice cream when you're at Chadstone. <3 

5. Taketori

Variety of Japanese dishes to choose. It's a bit pricy but food is really good and fresh.

Korean Food

1. CJ Lunch Bar

This cheese chicken bulgogi is the BOOM ! 
So nice and I can't stop eating eat <3 

2. Donwoori BBQ

Unlimited kimchi refill is love ! Their kimchi is more to the sweet taste, and their BBQ is really good but portion is a bit small (Maybe I was too hungry that time?). Seafood pancake is really good as well <3 

3. Mook Ji Bar 

Their beef spare rib soup is really good. I actually wanted to try their BBQ, as well as their fried chicken, but unfortunately I didn't get to try them.

4. Nene Chicken

My first fried chicken in Melbourne goes to Nene Chicken !
It is so flavorful and if you love spicy, order their freaking hot chicken :)

Chinese Food

1. Shanghai Street Dumpling

Craving for dumplings and XiaoLongBao? Check this restaurant out ! You will not regret <3 Their XiaoLongBao is so juicy that I finished the whole thing myself <3 

2. Gold Leaf 

One of the best dim sum in the city but it is a bit too expensive for us.

3. Ping's Dumpling Kitchen

Another dumpling good place to recommend ! If you are doing your groceries at Clayton and don't know what to get for lunch, try this ! 

4. Petaling Street

Malaysian's food can be found over here ! Love their har mee so much <3 
Hokkien mee, and nasi lemak, pan mee and all can be found over here !


1. Guzman y Gomez (Mexican Food)

                 If you're craving for some Mexican food and burrito, you should definitely try this !

2. GJ's Grill (Filipino Food)

Best Xiu Yok in the city ! Look at the meat <3
Even though I don't eat the crispy part, which is the skin, but this one is really good ! 

6. Naughty Nuri (Indonesian Food)

Try their ribs and fried rice. So good !

7. D'Elephant Thai (Thai Food)

Another good xiu yok place, which is located at Chadstone <3 

8. Orexi Souvlaki Bar (Greek Food)

Order their value pack and if you can't finish on your own, share it with your friend! 
It's so good and more worth then ordering ala carte.

I feel that this post is super lengthy, so I decided to separate them into 2 parts ! 
Part 2 will be all about Dessert and Coffee in Melbourne. 
So stay tuned ! 

Hope you enjoy reading this and I will see you guys in my next post ;)


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