To more years of friendship | Hiew Kei's 21st party

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Last month, I attended my friend's 21st birthday party and it is one of the best party I'd attended!

Not because of what, but the people who have attended :)

Really glad that my baby girl has grown up into an adult. 
Being one of the April babies, we are pretty similar in some ways. 

This was taken from last time, which was one year back.

We have been friends since high school and I really appreciate our friendships.
BTW, have you guys seen my high school picture ?

Omg, this is definitely not a good photo but I can't find a better one with most of us in the picture :P

I still can remember that we used to play around and chat a lot in class.
Despite we always get caught by our teachers for not finishing our homework and
 disturbing the class, we still chat non stop ! xD
We enjoyed our school days a lot. At least, I enjoyed going to school.

How time flies. 

We are now 21 and we have been apart for more than 3 years.
Not really apart actually, but not able to see each other everyday.

I am extremely glad that she has found her one love in her 21. 
And also, be able to see how sweet they are.

In her birthday party, I feel like she is not only celebrating her birthday, but also celebrating our friendships. It is an opportunity for all of us to take our time off to attend her big day.
For wanting us to be part of it and share the happiness with us.

Even though we have not seen each other for so long, we still be able to laugh and talk to each other without any constraints. We still can say whatever we want and joke with each other. 
It's going to be the most precious time for us, for able to be ourselves.
Because we know that we won't leave each other. 

To more years of friendship ! <3 


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