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There is this blogger who I recently followed. 
He is not a popular blogger or so called media influencer.
Instead, he hide his name anonymously, and only some of his closed friends know it.

I am not his closed friend.
But I am one of his closed friend's friend's friend.
Sound complicated ? Oh well, it doesn't matter.

So what is so interesting about him?
Why do I follow him, even when I barely know or have a conversation with him? 
I even doubt that he knows my name.

So there is this one day, I was talking with my friends,
updating each other what we are doing lately and life.

Like any other usual day, we gossip.
She told me a breaking news.

"Hey, do you know that R has broken up with C?" 

My first instinct was shock and besides shock is still shock.

From what I know, they
 have been together probably more than 6 years.
And I don't see any reason they breakup.
I even thought that they will be together forever and get married one day.

Tbh, I don't oppose people to fall in love with another person.
What I care is when that person, who's coupled, flirt with other people.
You can always end a relationship first, before going into another one. 

 I always think that she  is a very sincere and hardworking person.
It's never wrong to pursue what suit you most, but before doing so, please be considered.
Whether that action will hurt someone who love you dearly.

So, why do I follow him, even when we don't know each other ?
Their stories.

I love reading story and his stories attract me. 
The way he expressed himself always make me sigh.
Despite that, I still enjoy reading it.

They have a lot real sad and beautiful stories, unlike drama.
I can't stop checking on his blog to see whether there is a new updated post.
I might sound like a stalker but I can't help to know more about them.

I always sigh whenever I finish reading his blog post.
There is none of the time where I feel nothing after reading his post.
I can feel the struggle and secretly enjoying the scar at the same time in him.

He is never going to forget her.
I sigh and feel sad about him because he did not want to let her go.

He, deserves someone better than her.


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