Happiest 21 | vlog

by - 8:29 AM

Special thanks to the person below ! 
And also others who texted me and wished me happy birthday ! 

I am extremely grateful and feeling lucky to have you all in my life <3 

Got all the must get things in my 21.
Surprisingly, I don't feel old even I am 21 now, but it is definitely a brand new start in my life :D

Cards from my Fatties, Ahmad, and Kathleen <3

Bracelet from elder sister <3

Makeup essentials from Ahmad <3 

Perfume from Fatties <3


From Kiehls, as usual

Last but not least, a very simple and wearable necklace from my parents ! 
I didn't buy a key because I didn't want people to know that I am already 21 ! Hahaha
Oh well, the actual reason behind it is because I want a necklace that I can wear everyday even after 20/30 years ! A necklace that will follow me for a few decades, a necklace that I won't get bored of,  and will love even more even after very long, a necklace that's not too fancy, and suit me <3 Thank you mom and dad for everything that you have given me, with all your loves and patients. 

Okay, this is the longest paragraph that I have written so far in this post !

It shows that how much I love my parents, as well as the present they gave me <3

Here is a short video, sharing what I have done in my birthday week.

Hope you guys enjoy watching it :) Until next time.


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