Turning 21 | 21 Realizations

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Hi guys, I'm officially 21 now. 
It's a big thing for most of us, because it means that we are adult, and have to be mature and behave like a grown up.

I am a person with full of curiosity. I always have tons of questions for my mom and she always say that one day when I grow up, I will know it eventually.
It is true. Even though I have already forgotten what I have asked, I am sure those questions that I have asked are something silly.

21 is another age stage.
I am an adult and I should be responsible to take any consequences and decisions that I have made.
Stepping into adulthood, I realized a lot of things and have more thoughts than I ever have.

It can be a little frustrated to think so much, but it is a process.

1. It is the best and last year for us to do something crazy.

Most of us get to work place after 21. It is the last year where you can tell yourself to be wild and crazy for the last time.

2. Life is not all about living in the moment.

How naive I was, when I always think that God will lead me to the path that I belongs to. It is true that living in the moment is very important, but we can't ignore the future. It is not like it won't come if you don't worry about it. Even if God lead you to the door of future, you have to work hard to get the key and be qualified.

3. Future is in your hand.

You decide who you want to be and how you are going to do it. I always follow the flow. I follow whatever that lead me to. When I was in form 3, I never think of studying in a science or art class. I follow what my grades lead me to. When I was in pre-u, I never think of what to work after uni. I make my choices according to what affect me in the surroundings.

4. No one can help you, unless you help yourself.

What people can do is just merely concern. They can't help you to do decision or decide the path for your future, they can only give advice. You are the one who should be deciding yourself.

5. Learn to love yourself.

It is really pathetic when one doesn't know how to learn themselves. When you don't love yourself, why are you expecting people to love you? One of the key to love yourself is to be confident, and I am still learning it.

6. How outgoing introvert and negative I can be.

Life has never been easy. I always motivate myself but I still can't help having negative thoughts.
*shoo, throw all the bad thoughts away*

7. Stress-less life is so precious nowsadays.

Sometimes, I do not know what I am stressing about. The world is more than what I thought. You can never survive in such a competitive world if you don't grow.

8. I am getting older

I can't afford of not taking care of myself. I can't sleep late. The moment I sleep late, something bad will happen on my face the next day. And people around me will start asking me whether I am very stress.

9. I care about what people think of me.

I don't care what people think about me when I was young. Yea I called the immature self as  young.
I can't wear my comfy top or shirt to school. I always makeup and make sure I look presentable.

10. Gossip less

You won't like people to gossip about you. So stop gossiping about others. Gossiping can't bring you knowledge. But sometimes, gossiping helps to develop conversations.
A lot of people don't listen. They like to talk only. Listening to others can help you in a lot of ways. I learnt to listen, but I talk less now.

11. It is never as good as it looks. Also, it is never as bad as it seen.

There is no limit for a thing, no matter it's for good or bad. There won't be the best or the worst. When you think that it's your best day, you are just limiting your own happiness. If you think that it's the worst, there might be something worse happen. As what it says, it can't be as bad as it seen.

12. Always challenge yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

We are just too afraid to make changes. Changes might not be a bad thing, but it makes out routine differ. No mistakes means no changes, no changes means no improvement, no improvement means you will drop behind of others.

13. Forgive.

Learn to forgive people and you will be happier. The way I look at something always changes according to different age stages. I learnt to forgive because there is no point letting people who is not important to destroy your mood.

14. Independent.

I have learnt to be independent. I sometimes do rely on people too much. But I have learnt how to be alone. I am an individual, I have my own way of thinking and I live for myself.

15. Be truthful to people and you will get true friends back.

Maybe you can show 70% of true self to people and keep the rest to yourself. When you don't say all the truth, it doesn't mean that you are lying. You are just keeping it to protect yourself.

16. Always appreciate those who stay by my side.

I have learnt that those who help you when you're in hardship are the one who won't leave you. When people leave, there must be some reasons that make them do so and there is no point making them stay when they don't want to. So appreciate those who stays.

17. No one is 100% perfect. Just try your best not to be 100% imperfect.

18. Be thankful for every little thing and never take things for granted.

It seems like a small thing to you now, but it can be a big deal for others or maybe to you later. Imagine that you having the things you want, will you be feeling thankful now? You can't go back in time, so appreciate what you have now.

19. It is important to have a balance life.

Play hard and work hard is what people always say. There is no point to keep playing and do nothing worth in life. Also, what is the point of keep working and do not have fun at all? Life is a never ending learning process, so enjoy every moment and have fun.

20. Patient

I realized that patient is so important. It shows whether your EQ is high or no. It is an emotion thing that you have to control yourself not to be reckless. Be patient and you will get the things you want.

20.1 I am still blogging.

I started blogging just for fun. But I found my passion toward it. There is a point where I feel like giving up. But I am still blogging now.

21. I am 21 this year (2017).

Thanks for reading :)


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