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I have never attend this kind of forum in my life before.

I am really thankful JY who introduced MUIG to me.

I never thought of joining investemnt club or being a committee. I was once a very commitment and active member/ committee back in my high school. I wonder why I became less active and even lazy to join any club in my university.

I must be changed. :o

Last week, I was represented as sub committee of investment club to the booth in my campus. 
The booth is to gain awareness and tell people who are interested in working in banking and finance sector in the future. 

Surprisingly, we got a lot of attendance from Year 1 students and even students outside Monash University. This let me think what I have done during my Year 1, while others are so anticipated on joining this kind of meaningful forum ! 

To be honest, I enjoyed and learnt a lot in Monash Investment Group. 
I wish that I know there is this kind of club existed in Monash earlier. 

I attended their first event of the year, which is Discover MUIG.
It was a talk to give students some insights into the world of value investing, by Chern Hong, a value investor from 8I Education. It was a really interesting talk and I gained so much on that day.
The topic is just mind blowing ! I didn't know that we can be one of the many to earn 1M, starting with 5k.

Back to the forum

The speakers of the forum are Sylvia and Terence. They are really nice and helpful.
Sylvia is the managing director, head of financial markets Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia,
while Terence is a very successful young equity research analyst in Public Mutual Berhad.

At first, I thought that it will be a very boring and typical forum, but NO !
I have so much fun, laughing and gaining knowledge at the same time. 
 The forum turned out really good and the team got a lot of good feedback from the participants.
Indeed, the forum is a success. 

Let me share with you guys one of the funny incident happened on that day.
I was in-charged in keeping the time(aka time keeper) with another girl. 
My job is basically to make sure that the event go smoothly, according to the plan.
So, I am supposed to raise an A4 paper of "3" and "5", to hint the moderator that the speaker has already spoke for more than 3/5 minutes for each question that has been asked.

Of course, we are not trying to be rude to stop the speaker from speaking too much.
But to tell the moderator that we have not much time left for next question.
I feel that the forum is too short, as it only held for 1.25 hour.
All of us enjoyed so much and we wish that the forum can be longer.

And then Sylvia saw it and she knew what the papers actually meant !
I was damn embarrassed when she look and nodded at me.
And then the next thing she said was " I know we are running out of time, because this girl in front of me keep raising the paper up, but I am just going to simplify and make it short"
And then everyone laughed. Probably laughing at my clumsiness :P

My inner voice was  like " Oh shyt, she knew it !" I feel that I am damn rude and I don't know whether to continue raising the paper. The papers were actually meant to alert the moderator not the speaker.

After the forum, I quickly went in front and apology to Sylvia for interrupting her and making her uncomfortable. Because I look like I am rushing them, while they made an effort to come to Monash!
Fortunately, she said that she's just joking and trying to make the forum lively.

Phiuh *release*

Dinner is served when we came out of the hall.
Food is provided and it's really good.
They have aglio olio ham, potato egg, salad, chicken wrap and their highlight BROWNIE ! 
Mai god,  so nice <3 

Oh btw, check out the video that the MUIG IT team did ! 
It is really amazing for a student, who do it for the first time :)

Selfie with my MUIG t :)

There will be more events coming out in MUIG and I can't wait to be part of it.
BTW, you can always check their FB for more info and upcoming events if you're interested. 

Thanks for reading ! 


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