I am going to Singapore !

by - 9:20 AM

Hey people, I am going to Singapore this coming Saturday ! 
I sound so excited though. hahaha

This is not my first time travelling to Singapore,
but this is definitely my first time traveling only with my younger sister ! 

If you have been following my instagram or social meadia, 
you might already know that I am very close with my younger sister.
Thus, I can't wait to go travel with her.

My last trip to Singapore was back in 2014 and I still can remember it clearly.
We went to Esplanade, Merlion park and also celebrated Christmas there.

Normally when I go to Singapore, I always go to visit my relatives,
which can be quite boring sometimes.

This time, I am going to fully utilised my 3 days 2 nights there.
Sister and I have planned to visit the museum, Garden by Bays, and The Southern Ridge.
It's going to be a fun trip, despite I still have a lot of work to do.

During this trip, I am going to vlog some of the footage for you guys.
Also, I am going to try their Llao Llao and Seoul spicy burger and Kimchi fries from Mcdonald!
My cousin told me that Llao Llao in Sg is way nicer than Malaysia.
So I really want to try whether it's true or no :D

BTW, if you know any nice hidden place in Singapore, feel free to tell me :)
Much appreciate !


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