Higher Ground @ Little Bourke St

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Passed by Little Bourke St a few times, but didn't realise that there is this big cafe until one of my friends told me. I didn't even know that Higher Ground is one of the must go cafes, which explain that there is too much nice cafes around Melbourne !
I wish that Malaysia has this much of nice cafes around my area.

The sign board of the cafe is so small, which is really hard for me to notice the cafe. 
It is located beside Pho24 and I always thought that the crowd is lining up for the Thai food.
I am not a fan for Thai food, except their TomYam, so I didn't take much attention for it.

Fortunately, I went there just before I came back Malaysia.

Menu for those who are in a hurry and want to get a cup of coffee to start their day.
Price is range from $4-5, which is reasonable. Frankly, I absolutely miss their coffee.

The Day Menu.

They have different menu for different period (Day, Afternoon and Night). 

I am sitting just beside the kitchen, so I got to have a good look on how they design all the dishes.

Of course, I can't see the recipe duh~
But I got to observe and know who is in-charged of doing which dish and who is the head. 
Indeed, they're so hot and I can't stop observing them. *giggling* 

The bar


*look at the fork ! *

Brian couldn't wait to eat his food *haha*

Minced Lamb fry up egg plant, 
with fried eggs, prickled, rhubarb, smoked yogurt, pine nut dukkah and sour dough ($20.50)

Berkshire Bacon Sandwich 
with gribiche brown sauce. ($14.50)

My friend who is a bacon lover loves this so much! 
She also ordered an extra plate of portobello mushroom ($4.50), which made her so satisfied with her meal. 
The bread is crispy, yet soft and the bacon is really tasty.

Short Rib Roll
with black sesame, daikon, crisp vegetables, and sriracha ($19)

This is really good and I love it ! Besides the portion is not very filling, I enjoy the crisp vegetables,
which can ease the greasiness of the meat.
If you don't like to eat vegetables, this might not suit you because
the crisp vegetables are actually combo of carrot, cucumber and bean sprout.


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