Hectic Week 6

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Time management plays an important role in our everyday life. 

Of course, stress management is also one of the quality that we must have, living in this hectic world. 
Everything is moving so rapidly. Even though Malaysia is still far from those developed countries. 
I must say that I am glad that Malaysia is a country that has a lot of resources, 
which helped the country to grow.

Back to the topic.

We learned time management since we are young.
For example, we are supposed to finish our homework, given a period of time.
Without time management, we won't be able to get anything done.

Undeniable, there are people who can manage their time well, while some struggle.
I believe that I manage my time pretty good, as I always set a time for myself to finish certain work.
I did struggle sometimes when all the works came in a bundle.

Specifically, it's week 6 and it means half of my semester has gone.
It is one of the busiest week in every of my semester. 
I have 2 assignment due, 2 quiz, and club meetings and activities to attend in 2 weeks. 
I know that some people probably have more hectic week(s) than me, but I am glad that
 I still get to find some time for entertainments.

I do have to wake up really early and sleep late to finish my assignments and revisions, 
but what I am trying to say is that I am still living a good life.

Everyone is given 24 hours a day and sometimes I wonder, why they are more successful, 
why they have more time than me and why they can do so many things in a day?

The answer to it is efficiency.

Procrastination and Efficiency is just separated by a line.
And that line is called management.

Why do I say so?

I feel that a good management make you fully utilized your time, and boost efficiency.
Without management, you will procrastinate and do things that are not useful to you.

Of course, having entertainment is also part of the management. 
Sometimes a proportion of entertains make things work more effectively.

Also, I am not saying that we have to plan everything out ahead and just follow it one by one.
There are always unforeseen circumstances happening everyday, just like I didn't plan to write a blogpost today but I did.  

But, live your life to its fullest.
And make sure you live a life that won't make you regret.
What is more meaningful when you have less regrets than other people do?

Thanks for reading !


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