Bamboo House BBQ Buffet

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Who love Korean BBQ ? :D

Even though I am still on  my diet, I can't reject this great deal !

I was so excited when my friend told me that there is Rm25-27 BBQ buffet in Sunway !
The price is really affordable and food is really good for that price <3

Photo taken from their FB

The environment is open air, and very well ventilated, which is great.
My hair did smell like barbecue, but it's not very bad.

The pancake is very nice.
But it's quite sad that it's just plain pancake, not kimchi pancake or seafood pancake.
So I added some side dishes, like kimchi on top of it and it tastes really good.

The side dishes taste very good as well.
I love their kimchi, potato and the bean sprout !
I didn't expect that they have so many choices for side dishes because of the price.

They also have this soy bean soup. But I personally prefer kimchi soup.
 My friend said that they served her kimchi soup when she first visited !
Why they don't serve me that when I visit ? xP
Indeed, the soup doesn't taste that bad, because they put some chilli in the soup,
 which make it taste like spicy soy bean soup.

The MOST exciting part !

Unlimited pork refills with unlimited time :D
The pork taste really good. But they only provide one kind of meat, and one kind of pork.

Oh well, with that price, we shouldn't expect much.
What is amazing more is that they don't serve dry or fat pork !
The pork is in half fat and half meat, which is really awesome <3 

Service is really good.

The staffs go around with un-cook pork for customers to refill.
They are very friendly and immediately pass you the lettuce when you asked for refill. 

Unlimited side dishes refills with unlimited time as well ! 

The side dishes were full of veggies, which can help to ease the oiliness.
Kimchi is really refreshing and I love it so much.

Look at my lovely friends ! 
They enjoy their food so much that they can't stop eating xD

I will definitely come back to visit again and also recommend it to my friends who love korean BBQ ! 
So worth it <3 

Hope you guys find this post helpful and thanks for reading :)


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