White Mojo

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Yum Yum, it's food review again ! 

This time, I am going to bring you guys to White Mojo ! 
One of my favorite cafes in Melbourne. I seriously have a hard time choosing 
which cafe is my favorite because there is soo many cafes and good food around. 

Indeed, it is a food heaven for me ! 

Extremely love how they design the cafe!

Minimalist look, with some fake green plants to make the cafe more lively.

White is currently one of my favorite colors and this has made me love the cafe even more ! 

A very comfortable interior design makes me fall in love with the place and also make me
 want to chill at the place with my friends longer. 

They have really put effort on making the interior look nice.

Look at the creative art work on the wall !

Okay, now enough of the interior, now let's talk about the food <3 

Look at how pretty and delicious ! 
To be honest, I am drooling right now. 
Why am I always blog about food post in the middle of night !

Matcha Orange Hot Cake $17.50
(Melted marshmallow, freeze dried and seasonal fruit, chocolate crumble and blueberry marmalade)

The first MUST order plate goes to their hot cake ! 
Doesn't it look so appetizing ?

I don't know that matcha can actually go well with orange hot cake.
It's a brilliant idea <3 But the freeze dried and seasonal fruits are really sour though ~

White Mojo Croissant Burger $24
(Soft shell crab, pickled cucumber, chipotle mayo, smoked eel, fried egg and buttery croissant)

Tell you what ! This is so good <3
Soft shell crab is on point and the croissant is so nice ! 
Super love the combination because 2 of my favorite foods are in one dish.

Smoked Salmon $21
(House cured salmon, roasted beetroot labneh, whipped avocado & tahini, pomegranate vinaigrette, puffed quinoa, poached egg and brioche toast)

How can you miss their smoked salmon ! 

It is so good and I seriously fall for this dish.
At first, I was wondering where is the smell of smoke came from.
But then I realized it's from this "smoked" salmon which is absolutely creative !

How can they thought of presenting this dish using such abnormal and creative way?
I wow-ed all the way when the waitress presented this dish to us.
The most awesome part is that, it tastes as good as it looks ! 

Eton Mess $15.50
(Organic yogurt, strawberry& coconut gel, freeze dried and seasonal fruits, spiced meringue and lemon curd)

Look at the design !
It is stunning, isn't it ?

Not recommending this to those who can't eat sour though.
Not my favorite dish because I don't like coconut and the dried fruits are way too sour for me :P

So, that's all for the cafe, to read more, can head to zomato or their instgram page.

Thanks for reading !


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  1. Love it^_^ I'd like to have a cafe like this in my city, food looks like art! Yummy

    1. Exactly ! Their food is just like art <3 So instaworthy.

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    1. Hi Ethan,
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