Mannequin Challenge | CherylBunny

by - 6:43 AM

Hey there, I know it is a little late to have Mannequin Challenge, as there is a lot of things gone viral in 2017. Mannequin Challenge is no longer a thing as it is already a passed.

In 2017, everyone is raving about the Trash Doves (purple bird), cash me outside how about that
and other meme videos.

BUT I really had a lot of fun with my relatives when shooting this videos !
This challenge was taken when we went back to our hometown during CNY.
I must say that it is pretty challenging when we were filming this and
we tried around 3 shots to get this perfect one.

I wanted to thank everyone, who's patient enough to make this challenge happened
and also my sister who filmed this !

So now please enjoy ;)


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