Little Rouge

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It's the best matcha latte that I have tasted so far ! 

Little Rouge is a small little cafe, that tucked in a small aisle, with greens around the window frame.
It only offers drinks and some simple cakes, where I will post their menu at the bottom.
Now, let me show you around the interior of the cafe. 

They have put some nice photos on the wall as decorations and it really attracts my eyes.
The beautiful pictures of nature are always simply amazing.

The place is so small and packed. 
Most of the people came here to chill and have their drinks and have quality time with their loved one.

The menu.

Matcha Latte.

The smooth milky texture, with a little bit of bitterness make me fall in love with it.
Their green tea flavour is really strong, with the top milk foam are what I always find attractive to the drink. It is the best Matcha latte that I can find in Melbourne.

When I thought that I will have to take away my drink, the waitress leads me to the back,
 where there is a hidden room !

The room is relatively small and artistic as well. 
Really love the environment, but what really bother me is that the cafe is too small. 
If I came with a bunch of friends, we will have to take away our drinks and go to other place. 

So I think that's all for Little Rouge. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading it as well.

Bye ~ 


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