Inspire someone.

by - 5:14 AM

I didn't know that I can inspire someone. 
Like I always don't feel that I am good enough and I always do things that is not inspiring. 
In fact, I always inspired by people around me. 

I didn't know that I can inspire someone too. 
When my friend told me that she wanted to start making videos too,
and it is because of me. I suddenly feel so touched.

Then only I realized that I also can inspire someone to start something new too.
I don't know that I have that kind of ability to influence someone until then.

People are always too scared to start something new. 
They are scared of failure, hurt and scar.
Me too, I am scared.

The older we get, the less adventurous we will be. 
We will think a lot of things, we will always consider

What if no one like my video?
What if someone judges me?
What if ...

Okay, I know I always say that I am scared about judgement and didn't find a solution for it.

But I think I really need a lot of courage to click the "share" button to my Facebook.

Probably, that will be my new resolution for 2017?
Who knows?

Inspire someone when you still can, instead of just keeping yourself successful.

Help others to accomplish something in their life too.

Always get inspire and be inspired.

Before that, sharing my friend's video over here.
( Update: I think she locked her video d 0.0)

Thanks for reading and enjoy :)


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