by - 10:47 PM


I doubt.
I doubt everything about myself. 
It kinda shows that I am not confident.
But I rarely show it up. 

I hope that I have hide them well.
I don't like the feeling of mistrust.
Like I am not capable.

I might look like I am not reliable.
But when I wanted something, I tried my best.
Maybe I am not sincere enough.

I hope that I look like what I want it to be.
But did I do a great job on proving it?
Maybe I am not working hard enough.

I might look like I am playing around.
They think that I can do it better.
Maybe I am not genuine enough.

I want to challenge my limit.
Who doesn't want a carefree life?
Like doing things that they want without any worry.

I doubt the decision that I have made.
We make choices everyday.
But that is what we call life.

Live no regret.

Ps. I am good. Too good to have this kind of thought.
Just wanted to try this kind of writing style.
Still have a lot to improve.


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