Axil Roaster Coffee

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One of our favorite cafes in Melbourne.

One of our friends recommended this cafe to us.
So we went all the way to Hawthorn to have brunch together.
Howthorn is not very far from where we stayed but we always head to city for brunch.
Indeed, it was a decent experience exploring Hawthorn for the first time.

Now, let me show you what we have had in Axil Roaster Coffee :)

with poached eggs, cabbage and cider hollandaise

This was served specially only that day on their special menu.
The steak is well cooked, and the poached eggs were perfect, as the egg york flooded out once it's cut into half. My friend said that it is pleasantly good.

Potato Hash
with pulled pork, poached eggs, red cabbage, apple, mint and cider hollandaise ($21)

This is pretty good, but what is disappointing is that they have overcooked the poached egg and the cabbage is a bit bitter. It doesn't really matter to me because I am not a big fan of poached egg, but SK was really sad about this dish. 

Lamb Ragu
with potato gnocchi, green olives, pistachio and ricotta insalata ($23)

Brian ordered this and he said it is extremely good. 
So if you love to eat lamb, you can try this.

Salmon Pastrami 
with grilled Polenta, beetroot, sauce gribiche, kohlrabi, fennel, cress and poached egg ($22)

I actually wanted to order this at the first place, but since my friend wanted this, I let him order. 
I am a salmon lover, and I love any kind of salmon, whether it is raw salmon or fried salmon. 
But my friend, who has a strong taste bud, exclaimed that it is salty, which make me didn't want to try it at all. I can't take salty stuff.

Pork Belly
with cauliflower puree, sauteed brussel sprouts, kale, agrodolce and chorizo crumble ($24)

Look at the pretty decoration ! According to the waitress, he said that the chef colored the cauliflower with some vinegar, making it to become purple and a sourish taste.
The pork belly is well fried, making the skin of it to be extremely crunchy. I even could hear the crunchiness when my friend was eating it with his mouth closed. That's ridiculous ! 

Latte ($4)

Another cafe in Melbourne that serves good coffee <3 

After a few months, when we were shopping in Chadstone Mall, we found that Axil has already extended their store ! 

Since after that day, we went to Axil when we do not know what to eat in Chadstone. 
Axil has been one of our frequent place to go for good food and nice coffee. 

Rosemary and lemon crumbed Chicken Burger
with slaw, parmesan aioli, and sweet potato wedges. 

The waitress recommended us this chicken burger as he said that this is his favourite dish of all.
And it's true ! SK and I enjoyed this so much that we keep complimenting it.
The chicken is so crispy and the bread is so soft and nice. 
The pototo wedges is by far the best potato wedges <3 

The Roaster's Breakfast
with poached eggs, bacon, pork cotechino, cheese croquette, thyme mushrooms, roasted tomato and relish on sourdough ($23.5)

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Waffles
with hazelnut parfait, toasted hazelnuts, crushed wafer biscuits and gianduja chocolate curls ($19)

As a chocolate lover, I don't think that I can live without chocolate. 
Ferrero is one of my all time favorite chocolate besides dark chocolate.
 The choc is sweet and thick, with strong hazelnut taste ice-cream, they just fit perfectly well ! 

Red Velvet Pancake 
with raspberries, black sesame ice cream, cream cheese ganache, and chocolate brownie soil ($19)

This is really good as well ! 
Love both of the dessert so much and surprisingly they're quite filling.
The sweetness in red velvet pancake with the sourness of berries and cream cheese, make this dish of dessert so good that I can't stop eating <3

So that's all for the food review, and if you are curious how the cafe looks like in Hawthorn, feel free to check out my video, The day I went to Axil for the first time <3 

Thanks for reading ! 


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