What is it so different studying in Monash Australia and Malaysia

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Studying abroad is always one of my dreams. I wanted to show that I am capable to do things by myself.
Indeed, it is more challenging than studying in your home country. Besides all the house cores, you will also need to get used to the culture, the food, the people over there. 

You will have to deal with the difference, besides that let me tell you what is so different studying in Monash Australia and Malaysia.

1. Activities

Monash Australia has more events and activities in school. There is so many free food and fun activities that I can join compared to Monash Malaysia. Check out what I did in Student Survival Week and Stress Less Week that MONSU organised :)

I am really glad that I have volunteered myself to join the voluntary work that MONSU is holding. The experiences that I have gained are so priceless and I hope that Monash Malaysia will have this kind voluntary work. Joining the work, I got to meet a lof of people from different country, and I also got to learn how an organisation/ activities work. I believe that this will definitely somehow helped me in my future. 

2. Culture

The accent ! It actually got me some time to use to their accent. I know that different countries have their own different accents, and of course, Malaysians have their own unique accent and slang that only Malaysians will understand. 

The teaching method is almost the same as what I learnt in Malaysia. I am not sure about other universities, but the teaching method in Monash Australia is same as Monash Malaysia. There might be some differences in the teaching materials, but the way they bring things up and assign assignments are almost the same. There's an Australian tutor, where I always have to pay extra attention on what he's talking about. After a few classes with him, I actually got used to his accent and everything turned out good to me. 

3. People

What I am really surprised is that there's A LOT of ASIANS in Monash University Caulfield campus, including Chinese, Malaysian and South African ! I always have a dream of studying at western country, surrounded by the white people. But the reality is, still surrounded by the Asians. xD

To my surprise, some of them have stayed in Australia for a few years and they have already adapted to the culture. Some of the the Chinese even speak better English than me, with the Australian accent! So, don't judge people by their look and think that they can only speak good mandarin. There is also people who speaks mandarin wherever they go. I have met some of them, thought that I came from China as well, because of the way I look. But after knowing me, they're surprised because being a Malaysian, we know more than 3 languages, including dialects. 

I must say, it is pretty awesome to be surrounded by all kind of people. 

4. Weather

Seasons. Even when the forecast weather said that it will be sunny the whole day. You still have to bring jacket out because you don't know when the wind is coming ! People normally wear jackets in the lecture (what Malaysian always do) because the air-cond is pretty strong. 

But guess what ? People take off their jacket when they're in lecture hall in Australia! There is no aircond in lecture hall Monash Aus during winter and spring (I am not sure about autumn), but it is cozy. Out the lecture hall, it will be chilly and freezing if you don't wear jackets.

Their spring is almost the same as their winter some days. Maybe a little better in spring. 


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