What Australia has made me into

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Living in Australia is so different compared to living in Malaysia.
Besides the weather and the people over there, I really love what Melbourne (living alone) has transformed me into another person (a better one, I assumed).
I think I have grown up a little, even my friends said that I still look and act the same way.

Few days ago, my mom asked me, if she let me choose again, will I still go oversea,
even when I know that I will gained a lot of weight?
 (Yes, I gained around 5kg in 5months, which is INSANE!)

Of course, my answer is definitely a YES. I will still go oversea even though I know that I will gained like 5kg and all my shorts can't be wear anymore :(

I still miss the life in Melbourne though. I even asked my mom whether I can transfer.
Because deep inside me, I know that I will still come back.
So, I don't miss home. It's like I am traveling to Melbourne for a few months and after that I will come home, and it will always there waiting for my back

Sometimes, I isolate myself.
 I feel that I have an old soul, like I have seen the world for a thousand years and I feel tired of the world. I tend to ignore the world because I enjoy staying in my safe zone.

But sometimes, I am like a crazy teenager.
I am brave and I have no worry at all. I do crazy stuff, like no one is watching at me.
But after the craziness, I am in my safe zone again.

Studying oversea, really can change a person.
I  feel that I have more tolerant for drama people.
I love watching drama, but it is kind of tired to deal with it.

I learnt a lot from the past 5 months.
5 months is not a very short period but it is long enough to change a person.

I am lucky enough to have my family and friends to support me.
When I am sad or frustrated, they are always the one who stand by my side.
I am really grateful to have them, and makes me think that I am not alone.

What Australia make me into?

I became braver and stronger.

I became more independent.

I became more grateful.

I appreciate those who still stay beside me.

I miss driving.

I appreciate what I have.

I miss the spider-free place.

Home is always the most comfortable place.

Thanks for reading :)


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