Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day, a day for valentines. 

For those who doesn't have valentines, like me (ahem, yea I am still single) will have to wear shades day and night because the moment we stepped out, we will be shined by the loving couples.

It's also moment where we can find out like who is single or in a relationship. 

In a relationship, there is always ups and downs.
There is no such thing as forever love or forever sadness. 
I have surrounded by a lot of people, who are in a relationship for my whole life. 
Which made me think that it is untrue when people said that they don't look forward to be in a relationship, unless they have been hurt many times.

 There is also people who keep wanting to be in a relationship, regardless how many relationship they have gone through. My sister told me that she had a friend, who has a boyfriend since secondary school and since then, she is never single. Not that she didn't change boyfriend, but she changed every year. Sometimes, she's the one who say break up; sometimes, it's the guy who say it. 
She is serious in every relationships, but she always change her partner after a period of time. 

To be honest, after hearing the story, I feel that she is not serious in every of her relationship at all. 
She is just a lonely soul, who can't stand loneliness. It is really pathetic when one wants to find her partner, not because she love her partner genuinely, but because she's lonely and she wants one. 
Also, there is also people who don't know how to reject people, that's why they are never single. 

Oh well, who am I to judge people's life. 

Being a bystander, I have seen a lot of stories in real life. 
I think I can be a love teacher soon. 

J is a girl who has been in a relationship with her bf since her secondary school life. She rarely show off her bf, and only those who are close with her know it. Her bf went oversea study. She wrote down all her thoughts, her reluctant because it's their first time going to apart for a few years. They're really sweet in a lot of people's eyes and we know that he will be back one day.

 Yesterday, I asked my friend what are they going to do in Valentine's Day. 
She said that she can't celebrate with him because he's studying in Perak. She did not show any sadness on her face, because she knows that he will always in her heart no matter where he goes. I have seen how they have fight for their relationship because of their races. They don't give up easily, which make me think that their love is beautiful.

There is so many love stories in the world and it is impossible for me to state them out.
What I have learnt from them is that

True love is all about patient and loyal <3

Every day can be Valentine's day as long as you appreciate each others appearance :)

Happy Valentine's Day people ! 


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