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It is like a never ending topic for me, as I have already written so many posts regarding my life and thoughts studying abroad in Melbourne. I have written what I love about Australia, what I dislike and also what are the differences between the 2 countries and differences studying abroad and home.

Here is my highly requested questions after I shared my Melbourne videos on Youtube.
They asked me things about exchange student program and also what to expect studying abroad.
So, now let me share with you my experience from getting the offer letter from Monash Melbourne to what I feel about Melbourne. Also you can check my previous posts to know it better ;)

In most of my post, I have stated that I love Melbourne because it is a wonderful country.

But before you decide whether to study abroad, you have to make sure that you got your support to study oversea, regardless where the place is. Because the expenses that you will be facing is going to be more than what you have spent in your home. Also, your physical and mental health must be good to be capable to take care of yourself, face loneliness and settle everything by yourself.

There is a lot of steps and works to be done to study abroad. It was my first time going so far away from home and it was still like a dream for me. I have grown a lot in that 5 months and it was indeed the best 5 months last year. I have gone through a lot of things and it was a whole new experience, adventure for me. I appreciated every moments. 

Every school's procedures are different and this is what my school need us to do.

First of all, you will have to attend the exchange/transfer briefing session to roughly know what you will need to do and stuff. It is compulsory to check the requirement for each faculty's to study oversea because the requirements differ for every faculty.

After knowing the requirement, we got the aboard application form from school and fill in our study plan. It is a SUPER important procedure, as the unit that we choose for the semester cannot be changed. We have to check whether the units are available over the campus that you're going to study over there. Make sure to apply it 1 semester ahead.

After that I received my Student Acceptance Form Intercampus Exchange from Monash Abroad Staff. Before you receive you Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) to study oversea, you will have to buy the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which is different from your travel insurance.
I sent my Acceptance Form and OSHC receipt back within 7 days,
 so that they can issue my COE. I bought my 1 semester OSHC for AUD412 at that time.

After my COE is issued, I used my COE code to buy my Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573), which is AUD 556. I heard my friend said that they are no longer using subclass 573, so it is better to follow the subclass that your school asked for.

I went to body checkup (RM250), as the visa required.
After the visa is approved, it is time to to travel insurance (I bought AIG- RM388), flight ticket that my school provided. I sat Emirates to Mel and Mars back and it cost me RM2760.

After all the above things are settled, then only find rental. I used websites like gumtree and flatmates. I believe that your school might help you if you can't get a rental, or you can as well just stay in campus.

Last but not least, confirm the units that you are going to enroll and make sure you paid your school fees before you off. For my school, they helped us to enroll the units that I have applied at the first place. So it is really important to know what to take at the first place. I paid my school fees in MYR because I am still considered as Malaysia student, and I am just exchanging to Australia for 1 semester. For those who are transferred to there, they have to pay their fees in AUD.

Before you leave home, 
It is important to get an airport pickup, in case there is no taxi on your arrival. Monash prepared Allied Car for us, which is really thoughtful.
Download the apps that are useful for you when you reached the country.

At your arrival, it is important to get a local number and bank account and Public Transport card.

Let me share with you what to expect in Melbourne, a really wonderful country. It is really common to know that Melbourne has a very relaxing lifestyle. Shops close very early, transport is very convenient and people are very friendly as well.

You do not have to worry about the food, because you can find numerous cuisine in the city, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai food, all ranged from $15-30. Of course, most of the foods in Melbourne are super nice. You can simply hop into any restaurant. If you want to save money, it is better to cook at home. There are supermarkets, such as Coles and Woolworths, everywhere. If you wish to get some Chinese groceries, you can head to HongKong Mart, which is located near Clayton station.

I spent around $10k + for the 5 months, including traveling around. You can consider working part time over there as the pay is pretty attractive.

BTW, if you are coming back earlier before your OSHC expired, please go and request a refund from them :) You will eventually get back $100+ of refund.
And also, don't forget to close your bank account :)

Hopefully this will be helpful and give a rough guide for those who are applying to go Australia study like me :)


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