CNY 2017 Lookbook

by - 5:25 AM

Hi bunnies! Here is my late Chinese New Year Lookbook for 2017! 
I made a CNY Lookbook last year and I feel 
that my style didn't change a lot. 

I still wear skirt, skort, off-shoulder top and BKK bag !

So now let me show you guys what I have wore for chor1 to chor3! 

Chor 1 

Matching my dusty pink chiffon top with a skirt.


Look at that cute little pearl hanging on the zip of the skirt.
I feel that it is pretty cute and the other reason I bought this skirt is because it has 2 pockets ! 

Chor 2

Matching my strips off-shoulder top with a cross strings skort 
and a BKK bag ! 

Since my outfit is a little dull for Chinese New Year, I decided to put a red lipstick and a bright pink bag to bring in some good luck :)


Wearing the same heels for all 3 days. ;)

Chor 3 

Matching a navy blue off shoulder, with maroon skort and a gold BKK bag !


My shoulder is a bit wide, so I wore a heart shape necklace to distract people from focusing on my shoulder ;)

Good technic huh?

That's all for the post ! Thanks for reading :)


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