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Last month, I found out this cafe in Facebook.
The cafe has already opened for almost a year, so I do not consider it as a newly open cafe.
I got attracted by their green tea Lava + Greenhouse ice cream,
which is the reason why I pay a visit to the cafe.

The cafe is decorated in sailor theme.

In their Facebook, I found out why is the cafe named Ahoy.
It says that Ahoy means a nautical or pirate lingo and is a term used to attract attention or say hello when boarding or abroad a boat. When you are going to board a ship and want to say hello to someone on the ship using traditional nautical lingo, this is when you can say Ahoy

Stepping in the cafe, you will realize that there is this big mirror on the side and a sailing photo on the other side. The  moment you stepped in the cafe, you will be surrounded by the nautical theme, imagining that you're boarding on a ship to somewhere.

Inside, I can feel that the owner of Ahoy Cafe has intentionally decorated it at its best.
The place is decorated in a very comfortable way, making me to stay there a little longer.

Ahoy serves a huge range from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner to desserts and drinks.
There is so many choices to choose but I decided to try their desserts and drinks at the moment.

Passion Berry Yogurt Smoothie (RM12)

The smoothie is really nice, with sweet berry taste.
 But the ice is not well blended, as I still can feel there's ice cubes in it.

Pango Yogurt Smoothie (RM12)

There is some mango cubes on the top of the smoothie, which make the smoothie really nice.
The combination of sweet and sour is always the best.

Hot Green Tea Latte (RM11)

The Matcha latte is pretty good. But I feel that it can be better if the Matcha taste is stronger <3
When you're a matcha lover, you love everything that is matcha !

Matcha Angel Falls (Rm24.90)

The recent very popular dessert "my heart flow garden Angel Falls". There is 2 flavours for the Lave cake, which is Matcha and Chocolate. In the circular glass aquarium, there is ice cream and some flowers arranged around it, which make it looks like a greenhouse.

The Lava is very soft, and after cutting it into half, a thick green tea will fall into the garden directly, making the scene very beautiful. I must say this is one of the best Matcha dessert that I have tasted.
The Matcha taste is very thick and strong, which is really satisfying.

Photo with my Lava, before I cut it into half.

Overall, I am pretty satisfy with their desserts. If you're looking for a cool place to chill out and relax with your friends, you can consider Ahoy Cafe.

Thanks for reading !


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