What are the differences between Australia and Malaysia

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Guess I have already stated some of the differences between Malaysia and Australia in my previous two posts, What I love about Australia and What I dislike about Australia.

Besides the time difference and culture, now,
 I am going to state some of the other differences that I have noticed in Melbourne. 

1. Road

Can you believe that there is zebra crossing in highway ? Most of the people in Australia do not drive as the government encourage people to use public transport. So, it is pretty common that everywhere has zebra crossing for pedestrians to pass. 

What I feel really amazed is that all the drivers stop in front of the zebra crossing when they see someone wants to cross the road, as some of the zebra crossing do not have traffic light. There is once when I wanted to cross the road and at the same time, there is this driver coming. My intuition told me to stop and let the car go first. But the driver just stopped in front of the zebra crossing and waved at me, asking me to pass by ! This is really amazing! 

In Malaysia, you hardly get this kind of attitude. People always drive even faster when they saw people want to pass by. They just won't stop for you to go first. In Malaysia, you better watch out the cars. There's so many dangerous drivers on the road. Also, in Malaysia, everything is inconvenient when it comes to public transportation. It's really common that most of the college rich kids (not saying myself) own a car.

2. Cafe

I believe that people who have gone to Australia, think that the cafes in Australia are better than Malaysia. This is true, even though some of the cafes are quite pricy and the waiting list is extremely long. Normally people will stand in a line and wait for their turn to be served to their seats.

Guess what ! In Melbourne, we don't have to line up ! Of course, we don't cut line because we reserved our place by giving our name to the "front door girl".
You can hardly find a line outside the cafe. People just stand everywhere, waiting for the front-door-girl to call out their names. It is pretty amazing because we do not have to stand at the same spot for 30minutes ! 

So, make sure you give your name to the front-door-girl and not line up in front of the cafe. There is once when we thought people who came later cut our line. While the truth is, they gave their name earlier before we came and then just leave and came back again on time. 

3. Toilet

Fun fact: This photo is taken infront of the toilet

Now, let's talk about the toilets in Melbourne. You guys might think that the toilets are the same in every countries. NO !

Every toilets in Melbourne are toilet bowl (aka seated toilet) and you hardly see a squad toilet in the public or houses. Further more, it is really normal to have a pipe in the toilet in Malaysia, while in Australia, you can never find a pipe. From what I know, this is because the Malays wash their sanitary pad before they throw them away. There is also people who don't like to use tissue to wipe their butt, so they use pipe water to wash.

Also, most of the toilet in Australia have to be flushed in a few seconds. Meaning, we have to press the flush button and hold it for a few second for the water to flush the shit/pee away. While in Malaysia, one press, that's it. There is pro and con for it; pro is that it saves water, while con is that when you are in a hurry, you have to spend another more second pressing the flush button and look at your excreta. In a higher technology, there is also flush that is free touch. BOOM ! That was my reaction when I saw it. :P

Forever, there is tissue in every toilets in Melbourne ! What is greater is that you do not have to pay to go in the toilet ! Have you ever come to a basin that has both function to wash your hand and dry them? At least, I saw it in Melbourne ! It was so magical. Now,  you know why I love Melbourne so much, including their toilet. xD

4. Weather

The weather in Australia is always unpredictable. I have to check the weather forecast before I go out, to make sure that I wear the right outfits. Even though there is times where the forecast is wrong, there is times when it forecast the weather correctly. Weather there can change within an hour. It can be sunny in the day and rain the whole night. I will get sunburn in the day and either freeze to death in the night or in the rainy days.

In Malaysia, the weather forecast is kind of useless to me because the weather is always humid and hot. I wear shorts everyday, even it's rainy days.

So, I think that is enough for this post. 
Thanks for reading ! 


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