What I dislike about Australia

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After writing what I love about Australia, now it's time for me to write what I hate
 about Australia.Australia has been a really lovely country for me.
There is a love hate relationship for me toward the place.

Now, let me tell you what I dislike about Australia.

1. Summer

The sun is scorching ! Even though Malaysia is a country that summer all day every day, I can feel that the sun is much more stronger in Australia. I literally can feel the burning sensation when my skin exposed to the sun. I am now the tannest one in my family, even tanner than my younger sister, who played volleyball in school.

2. Spiders !

Spiders are everywhere ! Literally everywhere. Sometimes you can see the spider hanging in the air or in the bathroom when you are taking a bath. And it's so common to see cobwebs every corner of the house. I am not sure whether is it because I am staying in an old house. I freaked out when I see one.

Despite our landlord said that it's pretty common for us to see spiders around the house, I still freaked out when I see one. Those spiders are harmless, but sometimes I will think that will I become a spider woman ? Like what if the spider has bitten me when I was sleeping?

3. Shops closed too early

This is bad! We can not shop as late as we want and most of the shops just closed at 5pm ! We can't have our late dinner or even supper :( So sad! We as a student, sometimes have our late class until 4pm and it is impossible for us to travel for one hour to the city for dinner or shop. So I found that the shops and restaurant closed too early, which made us not having enough time to shop.

In Malaysia, it is pretty normal to see people came out for supper and gather around at the Mamak in the late night. Most of the mamak in Malaysia either open until really late or open 24 hours.

4. High cost of living

In a lot of ways, Australians are very lucky. They live in a safe country with great services and high quality of living. But for getting that, Australians will have to pay a relatively high price to maintain it. Not saying that the rental is expensive, having lunch or dinner outside is also one of the luxury act in Australia.

When I told my parents that my rental is $204, they were like oh okay, per month ah? The truth is, it is PER WEEK ! My parents said that they used to live in a rent room for RM300+. So when they knew that it is $800+ for a month, they have a shock of their life. Of course, having meals at home is always cheaper because you have to pay $5+ for the transportation and $20+ for the food for each meal, having outside.

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