What apps are on my home screen | Australia version

by - 11:05 PM

I have seen a lot of people doing this, so I was wondering why not I make one too?

Plus, I have spoiled my phone, and I might change to a new phone in the near future. 
To prevent myself from forgetting all the apps that I can't live without,
I am going to share it over here, as well make it as a record.

On the first page, I will have all my social media apps, such as 

Swarm, to check in place
Facebook, to check social media
Messenger, to message friends that are not close
Instagram, to post photos;
Twitter, to tweet;
Whatsapp, to message my friends;
Dayre, to write my diary;
Snapchat, to snap stories to my friends;
Youtube, to watch videos

Also, I have Google Chrome with me to google stuff that I want to know;
Snapseed and Fotorus to edit my photos;
Waze, to lead me to places that I want to go;
Comico, to read comics when I have nothing to do xD
Spending Tracker, to track the money that I have spent;
Last but not least, my Photo gallery

On the other side, I have 

CommBank, to transfer money and also check my account;
PTV and Google Maps, to the places that I want to go;
MyOSHC,incase anything happened to me and I did not have the hard cover insurance with me;
Monash University, to check my timetable and bus timetable;
Zomato, to check the rate of the restaurants and cafes;
My Optus, to pay my phone bills and check the remaining credit and data; 
Play Memories, to transfer the photos from my camera;
Spotify, to listen to music;
Soundcloud, to check the music and lyrics;

Last but not least, I have my Flashlight, Dictionary and Planner at the bottom.

That's all for the post. Thanks for reading :)


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