Thanks for all the hardship, 2016

by - 8:13 PM

2016 has been a pretty hard year for me.

No pain no gain right?

It's the year where my confidence is at its lowest. I feel that I am not good enough.
I am lost on the way becoming a better me. 
 It's also the year where I stepped into the start of 20th.
 I felt clueless and wondered what it is like to be an adult. 
I am always immature and a childish kid in a lot of people's eyes. 
I tried to change myself, and their way of thinking.
 But do I succeed? I am not sure.

UNDENIABLE, I did have some good times last year.

I have my blessed 20th birthday
Thanks to all my friends and family who are willing to stay by my side no matter what happened. 

I am lucky enough to study in Melbourne and I really appreciate the chance that I have given.
I feel really grateful that I have met good friends who are willing to tolerate me, without leaving me, even though I acted like a retard sometimes.

I always think that I have learnt nothing until one of my friends stepped out and talked with me. 
I appreciated her effort :) Really.

I started to vlog more ! Like a more frequent kind of daily vlog in Melbourne. 
It helped to boost my confident and I felt that I am not as helpless as I used to be.

Last thing that made me feel that 2016 is not that bad overall is Christmas. I celebrated Christmas with a bunch of my friends and it is one of the best days after I came back to Malaysia. 

There is high and down in 2016 and I thank all the good and bad that I have gone through.
It makes me a better person and a stronger Cheryl.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year :)


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