Tasmania Travel Vlog

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Tasmania Travel Vlog #37 | Mt Wellington | Russell Fall

I went to Tasmania with a bunch of friends and we were staying in a very nice and cosy
  Airbnb house [Woodhurst Delight]

The scenery in Tasmania is breath taking ! The views might just look normal and nothing really special, but what our eyes captured are far more pretty than what is in my camera ! Really glad that I went there ! 

Tasmania Travel Vlog #38 | Bruny Island

The next day, we went to Bruny Island. We paid for the vehicle ferry to Bruny Island. So if you planned to go there, make sure you check their departing timetable, so that you would not miss it.
Surprise surprise, we did not expect that there is so many thing that we can do in a small island. 

Tasmania Travel Vlog #39 | Wineglass Bay | Hazard Beach

I feel that Hazard Beach is one of the most beautiful beach I have ever gone ! 
The sea water is so blue and clear that I thought it is drinkable water for a second. 
We took around 30 minutes to the beach from Wineglass Bay and all the hard works are totally worth.
Despite got some love bites from the mosquitoes and annoyed by the flies on our way there, 
I totally fall in love with the place.

Tasmania Travel Vlog #40 | Salamanca Market | Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden

To know my Tasmania Travel Itinerary, please head to my blogpost

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time.


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