CNY 2017

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2017 is the year of Roaster.
How time passed so fast like a lighting bolt.

2016 has been a pretty hectic year for me.
I still can remember that Chinese New Year always come in February.
But this year, CNY came early join the end of January.

CNY vibes is everywhere now.
I can hear a lot of people are talking about CNY, cookies are everywhere,
CNY songs can be heard from everywhere.

I don't understand why some people can't stand CNY songs, when the radio or mall is playing the song.
They're Chinese and they're refrain to support the songs.
Some of the CNY songs can be as good as Christmas songs!

So, like what I said, the festive is around the corner and everyone seems to be so excited to
celebrate CNY with their family and relatives. It is a great idea to
reunite with all of our long distance relatives at our home town.

Chinese New Year is different every year.
The feeling of CNY changes every year.

I do not know why and I can't specifically tell you how I feel.
I just feel differently, follows by different stages of growth every year.
It might because of the way I think changes.

When I was younger, I love CNY. Of course I love CNY now too.
It's just that the feelings are different.

I used to visit my relatives everyday when I was in hometown.
Our houses are just besides each other and we as kids, have nothing to do in the house
(No Wifi, no TV, nothing), so we always go out to play with our cousins.
There was a palm oil farm at the back of our houses and we always go there for an "adventure".
It was a great memories for us.

Now, as we are growing up, we don't go for an "adventure" anymore.
We stayed at our house and chit chat, or gamble.
Sometimes, we followed our parents to visit our relatives or invite them to our house to gamble.

After the death of my grandfather, there is more of the older generation uncles passing away.
I feel really sad about that, but of course there comes a new generation.
Some of our cousins has already married, some has given birth to new babies, and so on.

My grandmother comes to KL to stay with my uncle and no one is staying at there right now. We went back there once a year, and the cleaning part is always one of the hardest part for us.
Can you imagine how dirty the place will be without anyone staying there for a year?

This has lead our parents to think to travel when CNY.
The older we get, the tradition of going back hometown and celebrate together will be gone.
No one is willing to take the trouble to clean the house and drive a long journey back.

By the time I become a parent, will I still close with my cousins ?
I wonder.

Oh Well, this shouldn't be a sad post, but it seems that it is leading toward that direction :o
I should stop my post here, incase it goes wrong and destroy the mood of CNY.

Before that thing happen, I am going to appreciate every Chinese New Year with my grandma, families and relatives.


Have a great year and Chinese New year ahead :)


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