Cheryl in Melbourne #47 and #48

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Cheryl in Melbourne #47 | vlog | Old Melbourne Gaol | Royal Botanic Garden

Xiao Ling and I had an impromptu trip in Melbourne city. 
I really love having her to accompany me to adventure the beautiful city.

Both of us are adventurous kind of person. We love exploring and trying new things.  
We are like linked to each other because the places that she wanted to go, I also want to go; 
while the places that I wanted to go, she loves it too !

Check out my video to see how much fun we had that day !

Cheryl in Melbourne #48 | vlog | A Day with me 

Some of my friends are not free, some are travelling to other countries and some are working.
It is time for me to explore Melbourne alone :)

At first, I am quite scared of being alone, especially when it is not your home country.
But, I have stayed Melbourne for 5 months and I believe that I have the ability to travel to Melbourne city myself. I have gone to Queen Victoria Market, The Ian Potter Art of Museum and Victoria Art Gallery. It was a wonderful experience for me and I am really glad that I came out that day :D 

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time. :)

Ps. Stay tuned to my last Melbourne vlog ;)


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