Cheryl in Melbourne #41 and #43

by - 6:32 PM

Cheryl in Melbourne #41 | vlog | Grampian National Park

Friends and I went to Grampian National Park. We actually planned to go to Halls gap. But due to lack of time, we did not make it.

Even though I got scolded by my mom for risking my life to take the photo on the cliff, 
I did not regret at all :P We still have a lot of fun at Grampian though.

Cheryl in Melbourne #43 | vlog | Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

 I went to Sealife Aquarium in Melbourne with a bunch of friends few days later. We had a lot of fun and knowledge in the aquarium and I did not realized that it is so fun to visit an aquarium! 

Watch my videos to know what is in SeaLife Melbourne Aquarium! 

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time.


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