What I love about Australia

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Even though I only stayed in Australia for a few months, I am already in love with the beautiful country. Travelling/ Study oversea in Australia has been one of my dream and I can't believe that I made it ! All thanks to my parents <3

My mom once asked me if I am given a chance again, will I go back to Australia?
My answer was a YES ! I really love Australia, and let me tell you why I love the place so much.

1. Food !

Definitely one of the main reason I love about Australia. The quality of food in Australia is definitely higher than Malaysia. They are not stingy about the ingredients at all ! The portion is always big and there is always so many ingredients in one bowl. For example, the prawns and meat are always bigger and more in Australia, compared to Malaysia.

Most of their brunch and coffee are so nice. Good cafes are almost everywhere. ALSO, if you don't compare the exchange rate, coffee in Australia is cheaper. I can get $4-$5 of coffee in Australia while I will need to pay Rm12 for a cup of coffee in Malaysia.

 Check out some of my favourite food place in Melbourne 

2. Convenient

I sit public transport to every places. It's so convenient that I don't have to drive on my own (even though I miss driving) and don't even need a car wherever I go, like I used to be in Malaysia. Instead, it is harder to find a parking in Mel city and the parking fees are not cheap. I can access to anywhere, with my PTV card (public transport card) and the PTV app.

Not only their public transport is convenient, the way we pay our things are even more convenient. I literally can go out only with my phone and my PTV card. I can pay by using my phone, and it is not a trend to pay in cash in Australia.

I know it might be a bad idea to pay using card, but it's debit card. So you must have money on your card in order to make payment. So, it is not like spending on "transparent" money (credit card), where you have to pay back the bank later.

3. People

Most of the Australians who I met are so friendly.  They greet everyone randomly, starting from a "good morning" , "How are you" even when they don't know each other. Since I did not drive over there, I sit the public transport everyday.

There was one day when I sit the bus to school, the bus driver just said, "Hi, morning"  to me. I didn't know why, but this made my day. And the people there are so polite, that they always thank the driver, even when they have to pay for the bus ride. When you thank them, sometimes the driver will even say "Have a nice day".

I really like this kind of culture, where they don't feel awkward and are always so helpful. There is also one time, when I was going to the city with my friends. We actually didn't know which train to sit. And then, there was this lady, who came up to us and helped us ! We didn't even asked, but she just came up to us as she saw us having problems.

This is how friendly they can be, and I am only stating some of the examples.

4. Currency

Their currency is so high. Okay, maybe not very high, but it's higher than Malaysia ! Further more, Malaysia is in inflation now, which mean that everything are expensive.

If you don't convert, their things are actually pretty cheap, like what my friend always says. For an example, a plate of sashimi sushi in Australia is $8.80. I can only eat sushi on special occasion back in Malaysia, but now, I eat sushi every week, because it's the cheapest thing that I can get in school, except sandwich.

I always wonder, what if I earn Australia dollar, and not Malaysia ringgit. Coffee is Rm10-12 back in Malaysia, sushi is Rm 15-30 for a meal. If you don't convert, things in Australia are actually quite cheap. Clothes also, like cotton on, it's only $20 in Australia, but RM60 in Malaysia. If I earn Australia dollar, I can buy 3 clothes already.

5. Safety / Environment

Surely, Australia is a safer country compared to Malaysia. I do not have to worry if I came home late when I was staying in Melbourne. I do not have to worry that someone will snatch my thing or pick pocket. I feel that it is a really safe country.

The clean environment, where I hardly find rubbish in the street. I really love the recycle campaign that they are having right now. Every houses have their own recycle bin and the truck will come in every two weeks to collect the items.

Their stressless lifestyle is also one of my favorite thing in Australia. The good chilly weather always make me feel good. Probably because I leave Australia in Summer, so I have not encounter the hottest few days in Melbourne.

I love Australia this country, but it is not my home country. My home country will always be Malaysia, where my families are. Despite I love Australia so much, I will never leave Malaysia, for some good reasons. Malaysia is where I come from and I will always back no matter what :)

Thanks for reading. 


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