Universal Italian Restaurant @ Lygon Street, Carlton

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Hey guy, 

I believe that a lot of people have heard a lot of good reviews from Universal Italian Restaurant and yes ! I am going to review whether it is worth the hype.

Okay to be honest, what I am going to write are all based on my opinion and I am not a professional food reviewer. So, please don't get offended if I have wrote something wrong :)

I actually have a pleasant experience in Universal Italian Restaurant and I think that it is a must to go place if you are in Melbourne ! 

Universal is always busy and there is always a line outside the restaurant.
As you can see, both inside out are full of people, especially when it comes to dinner time.

The bar.
Their cocktail is only $9.90 all day everyday.
So if you are a drinker, you might want to order some drinks over here :)

Check their menu out ! 

All of their meals are served in a big platter.
 If you and your friends are small eater, you can actually share it among your friends. 

Slow Roasted Pork Ribs ($34.90)

Slow roasted tender marinated pork ribs in homemade bbq sauce served with Universal's beer battered chips & Italian slaw.

This dish is so good ! It is so easy to remove the rib bone from the meat, with only knife and fork.
The pork ribs are well marinated and juicy, might be one of the best ribs I have eaten.

Chicken Parmigiana ($14) 

Handmade chicken breast schnitzel, with Napolitana sauce & Mozzarella cheese, served with Universal's beer battered chips & Italian slaw.

This humongous chicken parmigiana is so tempting ! We saw a lot of people ordering this and the size is so huge. We have no disappointment on this dish because it is so crispy outside and tender inside. 
The cheese matched perfectly with the chicken, like seriously ! 10 out of 10 for that price.

Calamari ($21.90)

Gently fried fresh calamari, served with homemade tartare sauce & Italian slaw. 

I personally don't really like seafood, but my friend loves this dish so much.
The calamari is well-fried, with crispy outer layer, matched so well with the lemon.

So overall?

Great !
I will definitely visit Universal Italian Restaurant when I am back in Melbourne ! 
Totally enjoy my visit there :)

Hope you guys enjoy reading it and I will see you guys in my next post ! 

Bye ~


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