Top Paddock @ Richmond

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Top paddock, a highly rated cafe in Melbourne.
We waited around 30 minutes outside the cafe for a seat there. 

The place is packed with people, especially at the time 
from 11am to 2pm.

The waitresses are very friendly and despite how busy they were, the staff did not appear any impatient. 

The interior is cozy and homey with warm yellow lighting.

Besides brunch and meals, they also serve desserts like
 cakes and tarts.

The menu

What we ordered.

Pork belly, master stock, pickled & burnt onions, apples, blueberries, poached eggs & torn fried bread. ($21.50)

The pork belly is too salty to my preference. But it taste pretty good with the poached egg.

Blueberry & ricotta hotcake with berries, maple syrup, seeds & cream ($21)

We ordered this because it looks so pretty ! Nothing really special about this hotcake. It might be a bit too much if I am eating alone. Best when it is still hot and shared among friends.

Fresh Qld. soft shell mud crab with a fenel & dill salad & lime mayonnaise in a brioche bun. ($23)

The portion is pretty small, compared to other dishes. 
Surprisingly, it is the best dish I have eaten in Top Paddock, despite the price is a bit high for the portion.

Juniper & lime cured ocean trout fillet with pickled baby beetroots, potato galette, poached eggs, goats curd & toast. ($21.50)

The fillet is fresh, potato galette is nice, just the overcooked toast is too hard.

I had a very good experience over there. Food and services are good, but I feel that the cafe is a bit overrated, due to the small portion and high price. 

That's all for today. Hope you guys like it and thanks for reading ! 

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