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Last month, friends and I went for a trip to Tasmania 2 days after our finals. 
We booked our flight ticket and itinerary on the exam month, which is quite a rush.

Fortunately, all the things went well and I wanted to give a big thank you to our friend, Yi Wen, who planned almost all the thing for the trip <3 
Really grateful that she made this trip happen.

So, without further due, let's get started  !

On day 1, we went to Mount Wellington and Russell Fall.

Went to Mures Lower Deck for lunch before we went to Mt Wellington.
The fish is very fresh, and they gave A LOT of chips ! 

Wellington Park is a natural reserve situated right on the doorstep of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart. The park entrance is free and there is no opening or closing hour, which mean that you can go there anytime.

It is a must to go Mount Wellington, even the way there is not very enjoyable. The mountain road is curvy, but totally worth it ! 

After Mt Wellington, we went to Mount Field National Park for Russell Fall. The Russell Falls is a tired cascade waterfall on the Russell Falls Creek, which is located in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania. Unlike Mount Wellington, you will need to pay for the vehicle pass, which cost $24 per vehicle to the national park.

The park is all great for every kind of visitors, from family, moderate fit people, and also experienced mount climber. It is pretty easy to reach Russell Falls, with only a great short walk. 

We had our dinner at The Standard. By far one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in Australia <3
The outer layer is so crispy and the meat is so juicy ! 
Definitely will miss this burger when I am in Malaysia.

The next day, we went to Bruny Island. 

Bruny Island is Tasmania's premier island destination with a holiday adventure to suit everyone.
If you are coming for a holiday in Hobart and Tasmania, you simply cannot afford to miss spending time on Bruny Island ! 

We paid for the vehicle ferry to Bruny Island. So if you planned to go there, make sure you check their departing timetable, so that you would not miss it.

Surprise surprise, we did not expect that there is so many thing that we can do in a small island. 

We went to Get Shucked, which is an oyster bar restaurant for some fresh oyster. I personally do not enjoy seafood. But the oysters are really fresh and I got to eat 2 oyster for that day. 

After that we went to Cheesery and Cafe, which is not far away from the oyster place. They provide pretty good cheese, wine and also jam. But sadly, I didn't buy them back.

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve! It is a must to go place, if you are at Bruny Island.
The place is so nice and we took tons of photo at the place ! A really worth photo taking kind of place. If you are lucky, you can even see wild little penguins walking around ! 

We had our lunch at Bruny Hotel. Their pizzas are actually pretty good. 
It's probably because we were hungry to death.

Our last destination in Bruny Island is the Adventure Bay

There is actually one last place that we wanted to go, but we have lack of time, we did not make it on time. We were lucky enough not to miss their last ferry back to Hobart, or not we will have to stay at Bruny Island for a night. 

Back to Hobart, we had our dinner at Mezethes Greek Tavern
We have ordered their Seafood Platter, Meat Platter, Oyster and Pita bread. 
To be honest, they serve great food! Even though that dinner is pretty pricey, we enjoy our meal there.

On day 3, we went to Freycinet National Park, including the Wineglass Bay and Hazard Beach. Freycinet is a great place to go bird watching. You may be lucky enough to see a white-bellied sea-eagle gliding overhead or large Australasian gannet diving for food in the ocean.

You will need to pay for a park entry fee of $24 per vehicle for 24 hours at the visitor center. 

Had our lunch at Tombolo Freycinet.
And it's fish and chips again because I do not know what to eat.
Guess what ! It's actually kid's meal.

Wineglass Bay. We spent so much time at this lookout because we can't find the perfect spot for us to take a photo with the wineglass. It might just look like a lake, instead of a "wineglass", if you did not take picture with that angle. 

AGAIN, I am amazed with the beauty of mother nature <3

I feel that Hazard Beach is one of the most beautiful beach I have ever gone ! 
The sea water is so blue and clear that I thought it is drinkable water for a second. 
We took around 30 minutes to the beach from Wineglass Bay and all the hard works are totally worth.

Despite got some love bites from the mosquitoes and annoyed by the flies on our way there, 
I totally fall in love with the place <3 

LOOK ! What is waiting for us when we got down the Freycinet National Park.
It's wild wallaby ! Omg, don't you think it is so cute ? It is not afraid of people some more !

BTW, we had our dinner at our airbnb stay, so yea :)

On the last day of our Tasmania trip, we went to Salamanca Market, Mt Nelson Signal Station Lookout, and Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden.

Salamanca Market is a morning market, which opens every Saturday (except Christmas or Anzac Day) from 8am until 3pm. You can find a lot of unique handmade products, including homemade soap, candle, handiwork, craft, art and gourmet produce.

Besides that, if you are hungry, you can even get good food, burger and gelato over there ! 

Mt Nelson Signal Station Lookout is a very chilly place and good for those who have gone through a lot of hiking and walk. There are some chairs and bean bags on the grass for us to chill and relax. If you wish to have some tea while enjoying the view, there is also a cafe besides the lookout :)

We went to Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden after that. If you are a flower lover or you have not take enough photo for the past few days, go to Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden ! 
You definitely will not want to miss the place. 

To enter the garden, you have to give some donation, so that they can keep the garden tidy and nice all the time. 

Last but not least, I would like to share where we have been staying for the past 3 days. 
We stayed at a very nice airbnb place, which is called Woodhurst Delight. The place is really near to Seven Mile Beach, so we got to go there for a while before we leave the place.
We really enjoyed our stay at Woodhurst Delight, and the owner is so good. They provided us some snacks, shampoos, place to BBQ ! We literally do not need to bring anything and just our own clothing to stay in the house. All we need are provided and the price is reasonable! 
Super satisfied with the stay <3 

So that's all for the trip.
Hope you guys enjoy reading it and find it helpful.
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And I will see you guys next time :)


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