Christmas 2016

by - 5:44 PM

Merry Christmas guys ! 

What I really love about Christmas is when you got to listen to the Christmas song all the time, either on the radio or street. It's Christmas spirit ! It never die and of course, I hope that it will never die.

Besides that, I also love Christmas because it is public holiday ! 
Who does not love public holiday? 
When it is public holiday, I got to meet my friends because it is the only time where all of us are free.

This year, I did something different.
Hmm it seems like I have different kind of Christmas every year :P

I celebrated Christmas with my secondary school friends, who I have known for more than 4 years.
We finally got to meet each other again after half an year, on Christmas ! :D 

We talked a lot and also exchanged present.
It is kind fun when I am with them.

I have even made a vlogmas because of them ! 
I feel that this video is kind of weird, because I speak mandarin.
But I didn't want them to feel awkward, so I decided to speak a language that they are most comfortable with. And also this video is not for anyone's entertainment, but for our memories <3 

Totally enjoyed my day out with them and I already can't wait for another public holiday, which is Chinese New Year :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and bye ~ 

Merry Christmas again ! Hope you guys have a nice day too :)


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