Cheryl in Melbourne #32

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Cheryl in Melbourne #32 | vlog | Lune Croissant | Top Paddock

We woke up very early for the Lune Croissant, but we think think it's quite overrated, 
as the croissant is pretty pricy. 

After that we went to Royal Exhibition Building ! It's quite worth photo taking, as the building is very grand and nice. My friend said Melbourne U student actually have their papers over there. 

We also went to Melbourne Museum, which is located just beside the Exhibition Building. I have a lot of fun over there. I think that it's my first time enjoying so much in the museum. Xp

We had our lunch at Top Paddock. We feel that the place is also overrated. 
Food is nice, but just doesn't worth the price :)

We actually went a lot of places today, and I don't want to make my video too lengthy, so I separated the day into 2 parts. 

Cheryl in Melbourne #32 pt 2  | vlog | Shrine of Remembrance | Princes Pier

After lunch, we went to Shrine of Remembrance, and Princess Pier.

We had our dinner at Universal Italian Restaurant and the food is good and big portion !
The price is really cheap, as we shared 3 plates of dishes among 7 of us and we actually got pretty full.

We also went to University of Melbourne, which is nearby to walk around.
Lastly, we had our dessert at Pidapipo before we head back to our home.

Indeed, it was a productive day. I have a lot of fun with my friends and I wish that the day can be longer. :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time.


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