September & October's Favourites 2016

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Counting down to 2017.

Very fast, 2016 will be history and 2017 is coming.

40+ more days later, will we still be the same?
 I am not sure but I believe that some of our favorites may change :)

What I have done in September and October?

As you can see, I have done nothing much. (All thanks to exams o.o)
 That's why I am combining both of the month's favorites in one post. 

1. Book

Ps I still love you   (Photo from Thereaderbee)

I have said that I love the first book in my June's Favourite. Only after a few months later, in September, I finally got the chance to read the book ! Yay to Monash Library !
I have suggested Monash Uni to buy this book for me and guess what!?
I finally got to borrow this book from the library, without spending a single money :D 

So this book is to continue the first book ,To all the Boys I've loved before.
Lara Jean didn't realise that she had really fallen for Peter until they broke up. 
She went back to Peter and wrote him another letter just like she used to write letters to all the boys she had loved before. It's a story of a insecure girl toward her boyfriend. 
It's a really cute love story, that I will definitely reread again.  <3 

Betrayed, by P.C. & Kristin Cast

Betrayed is the second novel of the House of Night Fantasy series.
I am not sure whether I have put the first book (Marked) as one of my previous favorites, but this House of Night Fantasy series are definitely underrated. 

The book is easy to understand, nothing too complicated or words that are too fancy and most importantly, it is so interesting ! I couldn't know what will happen next and
 it keeps trigger me to keep reading it. 

2. Song

Chainsmoker - All we know

Currently loving this song so much. 
Chainsmokers never fail me with their incredible good music.
Even though I am not good at singing, I still enjoy listening to the song, and humming the rhythm. 

One Ok Rock- Wherever you are

This song is soo nice.
Love this song so much, super got FEEL !
You guys might not agree with me, but I found that I can feel the song when I was watching the drama, Love at Sandstorm. There is always that moment, where the music will start playing, and the scene just matched perfectly with the song.

That is why I always love OST :) 

3. Drama

Cinderella and 4 knights.

Ha won is a high school student who dreams to be a teacher. She has a life that similar to Cinderella's. She needs money for her college, but her stepmother didn't want to afford her.
One day, she meets the Chairperson of Kang Enterprise. He offers her the chance to go to college, in return, she has to accomplish the mission of reuniting his 3 grandsons. 

All of his grandsons have very strong personalities. 
But having the good look and money, they are allowed to do things that they want. 
It is a romantic drama and I kind of envious Ha won, as she got to stay with the grandsons :P 

Love at Sandstorm

This is a Taiwan drama.
After so long, I am finally sharing a Taiwan drama.

It's actually a series, presenting all 8 different stories,
telling all different kind of relationship, including family, friendship and couple.
The story is quite interesting, unlike those Taiwan drama, having the same story line again and again.
It is pretty funny and a bit 18+ (scene of sexy girl with only bikini :P)


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