Lune Croissanterie @ Fitzroy

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Yay ! It's food post :D Who's hungry?

Today, I am going to share about this Lune Croissant that I went. 
It's actually quite popular in Melbourne and 
I believe that a lot of people has already known this place. 

Friends and I woke up at around 5am and we sat the 6am train to city and
 reached the place around 7am. We already knew that there will be line early in the morning, 
but we still got shocked by the long line, as the store opens at 8am.

My friend said that the croissants are alway sold out after a few hours, 
which explain the long queue outside the store

So, is it really worth the hype ? 

Let's find it out together :)

Things that people do outside the store while lining up for the croissant.
Take photos :)


The minute I stepped in Lune Croissant, the smell of croissant just came in and make me so hungry.

The store is filled with the smell of freshly baked croissant. 
So good and amazing. <3  

Looking at the menu and didn't know what are they?

No worry, they even lay out the croissants on the table for people to make their orders easier. 

Almond ($8.50)

The original croissant aux Amandes, prepared with Almond Frangipane & garnished with a healthy amount of flaked almonds

I have ordered this and I think that it's pretty good. It's so crispy outside and soft inside. 
There is even filling of almond in the croissant, which give extra marks for the croissant ! 
Surprisingly, I am actually full after eating the croissant. I thought that I can eat 2 croissants, as I am pretty hungry that time :P

Kouign Amann ($6)

Traditional pastry from the Bretagne region of France, laminated with sugar and baked in a buttered, sugared mold until caramelized.

Friend ordered this and she loves it ! If you have a sweet tooth, you definitely need to try this.
The caramelized swirls of flaky, and layered of butter on the pastry, make it super tasty and sweet.
I personally think that it's too sweet for me, but sinfully nice.

Ham & Gruyere ($8.50)

A croissant baked fresh with a filling of shaved ham, Swiss Gruyere and seeded mustard

Another friend of mine ordered this. This is more to savory kind of croissant, compared to the first two croissants that I have mentioned. 

Interior design

The dining area ?

I think that their interiors are pretty artistic. It is kind of simplicity, which I really like.
The older I get, I feel that the simpler, the better.

The coffee section.

Sadly, I didn't get to try their coffee. So, I can't really tell you guys whether they make good coffee. 
But I believe that most of the coffee in Melbourne are good :)

I think this is their Lune Lab 

The Lune Lab is an exclusive experience where you will be the first to sample their most experimental pastries. You will be seated at the private bar overlooking "The Cube" to see how they make the croissant, and be served a three course pastry flight, while interacting with the bakers and pastry chefs. 

*To sit on their Lune Lab, you will have to make a booking for this session because of limited space.


I think that the croissants are a bit over-rated. The price of the croissants are quite high, and also the queue is super long. If friends and I didn't go there early, we might have to queue for a longer time. 
I even saw reviews saying that if you go there late, you might not be able to buy the croissant too. 

But the croissants are really nice <3

Will I recommend people to go?

Yeah, why not? 
But I might not go back again, as I don't want to go through all the queue again. :P

So that's all for the post and thanks for reading. 


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