Cheryl in Melbourne #27 and #28

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Hi, I am Cheryl and I am Malaysian. I vlog random stuff on my channel :)

Cheryl in Melbourne#27|vlog| Spoiler for Me Before You | Trick to remove nail polish

In this video:

I almost lost my phone. I realised that my phone was not with me when I was in the bus.
I also talked about the book Me Before You. SPOILER ALERT !
What is even scarier when you saw a spider in your room? 
Yup, the weather is getting warmer and the spider decided to visit my room >.<

Cheryl in Melbourne #28 | vlog | Petaling street at Melbourne 

In this video:

Friends and I went to Monash University Clayton to discuss assignment. I was super excited as it's my first time using iMac in school and I am kind of forgetting how to use Apple products d. LOL.
I even edited my video at shool after discussion. I just can't stop using it. It is so nice and smooth and the screen is so big. Totally love Apple products. 

We also went to Petaling Street that's located at Clayton. We feel so nostalgic about the good food in Malaysia. I started to miss home d :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time.


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