Never put my heart in learning

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Life. What's life?

It's a hard question, isn't it?

According to Google, life is defined as existence of an individual living being.

Some people define life as to be able to do things that they want, living a life that they're yearning.
Some people think that to be successful is living a life.
Some people think that life is just a cycle, they eat, sleep, play, study, get married and grow old.

Everyone can live the life that they want.

What's life for me? I think I exist in this world because of my parents.
They made me. I am just another human being living in the earth.

Some people think that life is to keep learning.

I always feel that I have learnt nothing.

That is why I am always so loss.

What is so good about this world?
Without the love that my family and friends have gave me, I think I am just no one.

I always hate examinations. Because I can't score well.
I know I should go and study and not whining over here.

My friend once asked me, "since you hate studying and memorizing those "dead reading" (死读) stuff, why am I taking business and not art?"

This let me think for a while. WHY?
Maybe it's because I have never resist Business and I thought that I can work it out.

 Sometimes I tend to stop doing something when it doesn't work out for me.
I always judged it too fast or....

 I actually never put my heart in doing it?
That's why I don't enjoy doing it?

Sometimes, I am quite disappointed on myself.
Cheryl is still the old Cheryl. Never grow up even after so many years.

Always ask myself to work harder to achieve things that I want.
But that's just running in my brain.

In all honesty, I am just a lazy person, who like to find excuses.
Who's lazy to put heart in learning.

To follow your heart or brain?
Let's see who's stronger.

Hopefully writing all this out make my head clearer.
Instead of just thinking and do nothing good, I should go now.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.
They must be felt within the heart.    ~ Helen Keller~

*Emo post again when finals is here :(*

Bye ~


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