Manchester Press @ Rankins Ln, Melb

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I have not written a food post for the longest time. 
Since I am now at Melbourne, so I was wondering why not I write a food review about the cafe here?
There's so many cafe and good food over here (even more than Malaysia), so I am really excited whenever I go for food hunt with my friends. 

This cafe that I am going to introduce is Manchester Press. It is actually a laneway hideaway cafe. When I first reached the place, I was a bit scared because it's hidden in laneway, which I, as a Malaysian, will think of burglary and bad things happen.

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Fortunately, nothing went bad and google map didn't fail us. 
We arrived the place safely and got our name on the waiting list.

 While waiting for our turn, I got some pictures of the cafe. 

The interior 

The atmosphere is very cosy.

I really like their design, which is minimalist. 

The Menu

They have variety of food to choose, from breakfast to salad, and also bagels. 

It's even vegetarian friendly and I had a hard time deciding what to eat. 

Cappuccino ($4)

This is quite good. The coffee is very smooth. I regretted for not drinking it when it's still warm. 

I saw a lot of people ordering their Matcha Latte, which I think it's their best seller. 
I feel like ordering that, but I was craving for coffee, so I didn't order that :(

Feel like I have missed something real nice.   

Smoked Salmon ($15)

Sliced smoked salmon, baby capers on top of a dill cream cheese schmear.

I don't know what to order, so I ordered the safest choice of all, which is the smoked salmon. 
The cream cheese matched very well with the smoked salmon and I really love the combination! 
Except that the bagel is a bit hard to my preference. I wonder is all bagels that hard ?

Oh yeah, and the pretzels ! It's salty ! 
I really love the crunchiness of it, but it's just too salty for us. There's more salt than we thought they have put. If they change the salt to sesame, I will really appreciate it <3 

Brian's cup of tea.

I am not sure what he ordered but I think it's pretty good, because I hear no complain about the tea. 
He is more to a tea lover, than a coffee person.

14 Hour BBQ Pulled Pork ($16)

Texas style BBQ pulled pork, soaked in BBQ sauce, and topped with house made slaw and pickles. 

The pork is marinated really well with the BBQ sauce, but I think that I will get jelat if I have eaten too much. They are really generous on the meat though.

MP Club Sandwiches ($15)

Thick cut turkey, grilled bacon, cheese, sliced tomato and mixed greens, topped with cranberry and chilli plum relish.

I think this is pretty good, but Kei doesn't like it because of the jam. 
It is combination of all taste sensation, including sweet, saltiness, softness and hardness. 

I am pretty satisfied with the food here. 

I had a good experience :)

I shall end my post over here.

Thanks for reading :)


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